Hyperoptic Review

Superfast Hyperoptic Broadband promo codes, deals and review
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Hyperoptic Review

Hyperoptic are the UK’s leading gigabyte broadband provider and uses it’s own network of hyperfast fibre optics, but are they the right choice for you? In our Hyperoptic review, we will look at the availability, reliability, pricing and package inclusions.

Let’s take a closer look at Hyperoptic broadband, and help you decide whether they are a better choice than BT, Sky or Virgin Media.

Expert Hyperoptic Broadband Review

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Before we jump into the detailed Hyperoptic review, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of each of the plans – 30MB, 150MB and 1GB.

  • Average Download Speed: 30Mbps | 150Mbps | 900Mbps
  • Average Upload Speed: 1Mbps | 150Mbps | 900Mbps
  • Broadband Type:  Fibre Optic
  • Home Phone: Yes (optional)
  • Prices from: £19 per month

Grab a Hyperoptic Promo Code

If you are thinking of switching to Hyperoptic broadband, you may want to take advantage of our offers and discounts. Below you will find a few of the best Hyperoptic promo codes currently available. Head over to our Hyperoptic voucher code page for a full list of offers.

Hyperfast Broadband from £19pm at Hyperoptic
Available on a 12-month contract. Add a phone for just £2 per month. One-off Installation charge may apply.

Hyperoptic Availability

One of the biggest disappointments with Hyperoptic is there limited availability, however they are working hard to rapidly expand their network. As they use their own cables, it takes time to implement the new infrastructure throughtout the UK.

You can check whether gigabyte internet is available in your area using the quick and simple coverage checker. All you need is your postcode to instantly find out what is available. If Hyperoptic isn’t available just yet, you will be informed of any steps you can take to have it installed in the near future.

Hyperoptic Promo Codes

Where is Hyperoptic currently available?

At the time of writing this Hyperoptic review, hyperfast broadband is mostly available in major urban areas. More rural locations may have to wait a little longer to benefit from the superfast speeds, unless there is demand from locals in the area.

Hyperoptic Prices

Hyperoptic offer simple and straight forward pricing for their broadband. The three broadband packages available are based on the different speeds available: 30mbps, 150mbps and 1gbps. You also have the option to add a phone to your internet package, which costs £2-3 extra per month.

You can also pay-monthly with a no contract plan, however the prices are £2 to £4 extra per month, and you do not receive the introductory offer rates.

The current 12-month contract Hyperoptic prices are:

There is typically a one-off £40 installation fee, however there may be promotions offering free installation from time to time.

Hyperoptic Prices - How much does 1gb internet cost?

Hyperoptic Speeds

One of the most attractive features of Hyperoptic broadband is the impressive internet speeds available. They are the leading providers of gigabyte broadband, which provides maximum speeds of up to 1GB per second for both residential and commercial customers.

Below are the average speeds for each of Hyperoptic’s plans –

As you can see, for the two slower plans, the advertised speed is the average speed you can expect to receive. However, the gigabyte broadband package has an average speed of 900Mbps, and the maximum speed you will receive is 1Gbps.

Quite often, upload speeds are overlooked when choosing a new broadband provider. However, Hyperoptic’s uploads are one of the amazing high-speed inclusions. Their symmetrical service allows for uploads as fast as the downloads on the 1GB and 150MB plans.

To top it all off, Hyperoptic offer unlimited usage and no data limits. You can stream, play and browse as much as you want! You can find the fair use policy here.

Hyperoptic Review of prices, speeds, availability and more

Gigabyte Broadband

The hyperfast speeds are due to the modern fibre optic cabling and technology used by Hyperoptic. The graphic above demonstrates the fast fibre optic cabling used to achieve gigabyte internet speeds versus the outdated and slow copper wiring used by many providers, such as BT.

According to Ofcom, the average speed in the UK is only 46.2Mbps. The speeds available with Hyperoptic are over 21x faster, which is ideal for high-definition streaming, online gaming and much more, all at the same time!

In contrast to Hyperoptic’s gigabyte broadband, the fastest packages offered by Virgin Media is 350Mbps and BT’s fastest is 330Mbps. If you want hyperfast internet, Hyperoptic is the clear choice.

Hyperoptic reviews - should you sign up?

Router and Installation

The Hyperoptic Router

For gigabyte broadband speeds, you will need a lightning quick router! The Hyperhub is supplied as part of your broadband package when you sign up. This modern router is able to deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps over a wired connection, but you will be unlikely to reach the very top speeds if you go wireless.


As Hyperoptic don’t use the BT Openreach network, an engineer will visit your property to install the new fibre cables. Generally, the installation takes approximately 1 hour, and the new broadband socket will be installed within 10m of your entrance (you can pay to have it located elsewhere).

2019 Review of Hyperoptic

Customer Service

If you encounter any problems with your Hyperoptic broadband, you are in good hands. They offer a phone line which can be called 24 hours a day all year round for quick help with all problems, from connection issues to router problems.

Hyperoptic provide a number of broadband only packages, but you can add a phone for an extra few pounds per month. This phone works over your broadband via VoIP technology. As such, if the internet goes down or is quite slow, you may not be able to make or receive phone calls.

You can also live chat the Hyperoptic customer service team. If you prefer to email, that have that too, and you can also use their online enquiry form. When it comes to contacting Hyperoptic, they have all the popular methods covered!

Deals & Offers

As with most broadband providers, Hyperoptic offer some impressive deals for new customers. In most cases, these discounts can save you several hundred pounds off the price of a 12-month gigabyte internet contract.

The amazing broadband speeds and great-value introductory rates make Hyperoptic the perfect choice for anyone who loves to browse, stream or play online. It is important to consider the regular price of each plan, as this will be what you will pay if you decide to stay with Hyperoptic after the initial introductory rate ends.

Head over to our Hyperoptic promo code page for the latest offers and deals.

Pros & Cons

Before signing up, here is a quick review of Hyperoptic’s pros and cons.

  • Unbeatable speeds of up to a maximum of 1GB
  • Short 1-month contracts are available
  • Upload speeds match download speeds
  • Unlimited usage – stream, browse & play
  • Phone line isn’t required (no line rental)

  • Limited availability as they roll out the network
  • Phone plans use a broadband connection
  • Installation can be pricey outside of offer periods
  • More expensive than slower broadband providers
  • No TV bundles

Conclusion: Hyperoptic Review

For those who do a lot of downloading, uploading, streaming and online gaming, the near unmatched speeds from Hyperoptic may make it the perfect fibre broadband provider for you. However, for light internet users, such as keeping up to date with news, emails and social media, you may be able to find a cheaper deal that is more suitable to your needs.

Another important factor in deciding whether Hyperoptic is right for you is whether you still use a traditional phone line. Whilst Hyperoptic do have a phone plans, this service is provided over the internet, rather than a traditional phone line, so if the internet is not working neither will your phone. But on the plus side, you won’t have to pay phone line rental charges.

One of the biggest issues with Hyperoptic is the limited coverage throughout the UK. However, if you are within their available network and want lightning fast speeds, Hyperoptic are a great choice for gigabyte broadband.

We hope you have found our Hyperoptic review useful, and if you think they are the right choice for you, be sure to check our Hyperoptic deals for the best offers currently available.

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