Charity Partners

Charity Partners

Are you looking for extra funding to run your charity? Assistall is a social enterprise that donates 50% of the profits to charity partners.

What is a Charity Partner?

Many companies have shareholders who receive a share of the profits each year. At Assistall, we have decided that instead of shareholders, we would share our profits with UK charities. We call them our charity partners.

Our charity partners don’t only receive a share of the profits, but we also work hard to promote their cause, services and any other fundraising activities. As a social enterprise, Assistall exists to help our charity partners.

Assistall is a great way to raise extra funds, alongside your current fundraising.

Charity Partners Assistall

How it works?

Assistall is affiliated with thousands of utility suppliers, service providers and retailers. Our site contains deals, voucher codes and money saving tips to help consumers save on their everyday shopping.

When a consumer uses one of our deals and makes a purchase, we receive a commission from the retailer. We then split the profits equally with our charity partners. Consumers save and money is raised for charity.

Assistall Charity Partner

Deals & Voucher Codes

Consumers save at thousands of online retailers when using one of our discount codes or deals.

Assistall Charity Partnership

Referral Commission

Retailers pay us a commission when a consumer uses one of our discount codes or offers.

Benefits of Assistall for Charities

Profits for charity

Charity Partners receive an equal share of the profits to spend on whatever they need.

Charity Benefits

Extra funding isn’t the only benefit our charity partners receive. We aim to help promote your services, events and causes. Charity Partners can also help shape the future of Assistall.

Charity Partners for Assistall

Which charities can join?

The charity partnership is open to all charities that have a UK charity registration number and a website. Charities can carry out their work anywhere in the world, and all types of charity work is welcome.

Zooplus Pet Food Discounts

Animal Charities

Environmental Charity


Healthy Charities

Health Charities

Poverty Charity

Poverty, Support & Welfare

Sport Charities

Arts, Culture & Sports

Parent Teacher Associations

Parent Teacher Associations

How Assistall Helps Raise Money For Charity

How does Assistall help consumers?

Assistall has 2 primary aims. The first is to raise as much money for our charity partners. The second is to help consumers save on everything from their utility bills to online shopping.

Our site features tens of thousands of deals, discounts, offers and money saving tips. As we are a charitable social enterprise, many retailers offer us exclusive discount codes with better savings than can be found anywhere else. 

We are already part of another fundraising platform...

Assistall isn’t like other fundraising platforms! As we are different, charities can benefit from being part of both Assistall and other fundraising platforms. 

To help explain how each is different and how charities can benefit from both Assistall and other fundraising platforms, we have put together a helpful page comparing our services with Give as you Live.

Charity Partners Assistall

Ready to join?

It only takes a moment to register your charity.

Charity Partner FAQs

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about being an Assistall charity partner. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

Assistall is a UK based social enterprise with 2 primary goals:

    1. Raise money for charity.
    2. Help consumers save on purchases.

Our site features voucher codes and offers, which consumers can use to save on purchases at their favourite retailers. These retailers pay us a commission when a consumer uses one of our codes, and we then donate 50% of the profits to our charity partners.

Rather than having shareholders who receive dividends each year, Assistall has charity partners. Each charity partner receives a share of the profits.

A social enterprise is a company or organisation with a primary goal of helping make the world a better place. Assistall is a great example of a social enterprise, as we help consumers save money on purchases and then share our profits with charity.

Instead of having regular style shareholders, we have opted for a different approach. Assistall has charity partners, who each receive an equal share of 50% of the profits. As well as monetary benefits, the Charity Partners can be promote their work and services on the site to help raise awareness and outreach.

To qualify, a charity partner must have a UK charity number and a website. There are only limited spaces available, so unfortunately not every charity can join.

Assistall is a social enterprise. This means that we want to do things differently from the norm for the betterment of our world. We want to help fund those who do good within our society!

There are plenty of money saving, voucher code and comparison websites available, but most generate huge profits that go back into the pockets of shareholders. At Assistall, we are different – our profits are distributed amongst UK charities.

We know the amazing work each charity conducts would not be possible without funding. We also know that our world would not be the same without the tireless work of millions of charity workers. Assistall is proud to give back to our amazing charity partners!

In order to ensure all charity partners receive a beneficial amount of money, the number of partners is limited. This helps prevent the profits from being too diluted when split amongst the partners.

We understand that running a charity requires a significant amount of funding, and we have minimum targets we aim to donate to each charity. Restricting the number of charity partners is the best solution to help ensure each Assistall Charity Partner receives a fair and a sizeable donation.

Yes. Unlike many other fundraising platforms, Assistall only works with charities. Unfortunately, good causes and organisations that don’t currently have charity status are unable to participate as an Assistall Charity Partner.

No, it is completely free to be a charity partner. The primary aim of Assistall is to raise money for charity, not take it away.

It is also free for consumers who use our site. We are paid a commission from retailers when somebody uses one of our voucher codes or offers and then completes a purchase.

Some of the benefits of Assistall include:
 – Free for charities.
 – Free for consumers.
 – Funds for charities.
 – Savings for consumers.
 – Simple sign up.
 – No obligations.
 – Free to leave at any time.
 – Promote charity events & services.
 – Innovative fundraising platform.

Assistall generates money in many ways, but our primary focus is through voucher codes and discounts. We collaborate with a large selection of UK and international retailers, and list the latest deals, offers and promo codes on When a consumer uses one of our voucher codes or discounts, we receive a commission from the retailer.

Our traffic is primarily organic and direct, with consumers either coming via search engines (such as Google) or direct to

There is no cost to consumers who use our site. Instead, our site helps consumers save more on their purchases, whilst also raising money for charity – everyone wins!

Assistall has been in development for numerous years, but we have only recently launched in 2020. As such, we do not yet have any performance data, so can’t accurately estimate how much money will be raised for our charity partners each year.

Whilst we are a new start up, we are launching our social enterprise in a proven and profitable industry – voucher codes and affiliate marketing. Assistall is here to disrupt the current landscape of discount codes, which today is worth billions and continues to grow annually.

We are confident that Assistall will quickly become a market leader in the discount and offer sector. Our team are passionate about the Assistall mission and aspire to make a significant dent throughout the UK.

Currently, the profits will be calculated and then distributed at the end of the financial year. However, we will be looking into quarterly profit statements to increase the frequency of payments.

Any UK charity can sign up to become an Assistall Charity partner, as long as they have a UK charity number and a website. To sign up, please head over to our charity registration page.

In order for Assistall to make a charity sponsorship donation, there are a few Government requirements that must be met, including:

  • Publicly support our products or service.
  • Allow us to use your logo on printed material.
  • Link from your website to ours.

As well as the requirements above, we hope our charity partners will help to promote Assistall’s services, whether that be a shout out on social media or a quick mention in a newsletter. Every boost to the platform will help increase website traffic and maximise donations for each charity partner.

Absolutely not! We don’t want your website looking like a large billboard, full of logos for different brands and organisations. However, as part of fulfilling the UK Government’s qualifying criteria for charity sponsorship donations, we do require a link from your website to ours.

Assistall isn’t like other fundraising websites. We aim to be fairer, provide a better platform for promoting your services and generate significantly larger donations for your charity.

With Assistall, charities do not need to recruit supporters, and instead most of our traffic comes via organic sources (such as Google). This results in more visitors, more commissions and more money raised for our charity partners.

We also provide a valuable service to consumers, with discounts and savings on their shopping and utilities.

With Assistall, we do all of the leg work, making it easy to raise extra funds for your charity.

Many fundraising websites require charities to recruit supporters, who then raise money for their chosen charity. Assistall is different.

Most of our traffic comes from organic sources, instead of relying on traffic referred from our charity partners. This drastically increases our reach, visitors and profits.

Another benefit is that consumers do not need to sign up to use our voucher codes. Most consumers who visit Assistall for a voucher code are ready to make a purchase from a retailer, so don’t want the added hassle of registering for an account before they can unlock a promo code. Operating this way increases conversions and commissions.

Voucher codes are an expanding industry, as more consumers take their spending online. In the UK, there are tens of thousands of retailers and service providers who offer coupon code discounts.

The voucher code market is worth billions. There are many voucher sites that generate tens of millions each year. We plan on making a large impact in the UK, and divert this money to our amazing charity partners.

Another benefit of voucher codes is that they help consumers. Not only do consumers help raise money for charity, at no cost to themselves, but they will actually save money on their purchases. Everyone wins with Assistall.

As well as knowing they are helping raise money for charity, at no cost to themselves, consumers love the exclusive deals and discounts available from Assistall.

As we are a social enterprise with charitable motives, the retailers we work with often provide us with bigger and better discounts. This means more savings for consumers who use Assistall.

If you are ready to sign your charity up, please head over to our charity registration page. We know you are busy, so have streamlined the registration process. It is a quick form with just a few basic details.

If you prefer, one of our team can collect the details and get you signed up. Please get in touch.

Whether you have questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Simply get in touch, and our friendly team will reply as soon as possible.


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