BOTB Review

BOTB Review

BOTB is one of the UK’s leading car and lifestyle competitions providers. Our BOTB review will help you decide whether it is the right platform for you.

Review of BOTB

Starting in 1999 with a presence in airports, BOTB is one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted car competition platforms. All of their competitions are now available online, with a wide selection of vehicles and lifestyle prizes up for grabs. 

In our comprehensive review of BOTB, we will explore a range of topics, from how it works to your chances of winning. We also have a selection of BOTB customer reviews to help you decide whether it is the right car competition platform for you.

What does BOTB stand for?

BOTB stands for Best of the Best, which is the full name of the company that runs the car and lifestyle competitons on When BOTB first started, the prizes consisted of luxurious dream cars, however nowadays you can win a selection of different cars and lifestyle prizes.

How does BOTB work?

BOTB runs paid competitions, with entry tickets starting from less than £1. Entrants can choose the type of competition they would like to enter, either a car or a lifestyle prize (such as a luxury watch). The price of entering each competition reflects the prize value, with high-end dream car competitions costing the most.

What is Spot The Ball?  

BOTB is legally required to use a skilled competition to determine winners, rather than a lottery or raffle. As such, they use the popular ‘Spot the Ball’ game, where players are shown a sports photo with the ball removed and they have to guess where the centre of the ball should be, using their skill and judgement. 

A panel of sporting experts use their professional opinion to determine where the ball should be. The winner of each car competition is the person who has guessed closest to the judges chosen position. Below is a helpful video explaining of how spot the ball works.

What if there is a tie?  

It is possible for two or more players to be deemed the closest to the judge’s ball decision. In the case of a tiebreaker, BOTB look at the second closest guess made by tied players. The player whose second guess is closest is deemed the winner.

If one of the tied players only made a single entry, then a second spot the ball game is played, with the closest guess in that competition awarded the prize. The runner up doesn’t walk away empty handed, as they receive up to £500 cash and £500 BOTB credit to use on future games.

BOTB Supercharged Club

The BOTB Supercharged Club is a loyalty program that rewards regular customers based on how much they spend. There are three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Members of the BOTB Supercharged Club can receive benefits, including free entries in the Superdrives competitions and discounted entry tickets.

Expert review of BOTB UK


Spend £10 in a 4 week period to qualify for bronze membership.


Spend £20 in a 4 week period to qualify for silver membership.


Spend £40 in a 4 week period to qualify for gold membership.

What can I win?

When it first started, BOTB prizes were mostly sports cars, such as an Aston Martin or Porsche. Nowadays, as their popularity has grown, so have the number of different prizes available. Below is an overview of the different competitions and prizes available with BOTB.

BOTB Dream Car

As the name suggest, the BOTB Dream Car competition allows entrants to win the car of their dreams. There are over 180 different models available, covering a wide spectrum of amazing vehicles, from supercars to motorhomes. As well as new cars, there are also a selection of vintage vehicles and modified cars.

Prices start from as little as 85p per ticket for a Suzuki Swift Sport right through to £7.85 per ticket for a Lamborghini Urus. There are also cash prizes available for each vehicle, if you decide not to take the car.

BOTB Lifestyle Prizes

A more recent addition to BOTB are the lifestyle prizes. These prizes consist of motorbikes, holidays, watches and cash. There is also an ‘other’ category, which is made up of items such as computers, gaming equipment, cameras, jetskis, musical equipment, cycles and more. 

As the value of most of the lifestyle prizes is far cheaper than the dream car prizes, the cost of entry is generally significantly cheaper, with tickets starting from as little as 15p.

Is BOTB legit & safe?

As with any paid competition, some contestants will question whether BOTB is a scam. As we will explore below, our research indicates that BOTB is legitimate and a safe competition platform.

Who Judges BOTB Competitions?

The judging panel of each competition consists of sporting professionals, including players and referees. You can view the full list of BOTB judges, and it is likely you will see some familiar faces. These judges use their sporting expertise to judge where the centre of the ball should be in each spot the ball game, and the entrant who guesses closest to the judges decision wins the prize.

BOTB Review

What are the odds of winning on BOTB?

The odds of winning BOTB are influenced by many factors. Firstly, the number of other entrants in each competition impacts the BOTB odds. With more entries, there are more guesses as to the location of the ball, which consequently decreases the likelihood of winning. 

As the Spot the Ball game requires a level of skill and judgement, the ability of other entrants and your own skill will also influence the odds of winning BOTB. Players who can consistently guess the location of the ball will have a better odds of winning a car.

Does anyone actually win BOTB?

Yes, there are several BOTB winners each week. There are multiple competitions, including car giveaways and lifestyle prizes, as well as occasional additional competitions. Winners are announced on the BOTB website and across their multiple social media platforms. 

Is BOTB gambling?

According to the Gambling Commission’s advice on Spot the Ball competitions, it is likely that BOTB is considered betting. However, as spot the ball requires players to use their skill and judgement to determine the centre of the ball as deemed by a panel of judges, this type of competition would be considered a prize competition rather than a lottery. Genuine prize competitions are free from statutory control under the Gambling Act 2005 and therefore do not require a licence.

Can I increase the chances of winning?

There are certainly a number of ways to increase the chances of winning BOTB. Below are some of the top tips for winning a car:

    • Watch the how to play spot the ball game video.
    • Use the helpful tools to increase your guess accuracy.
    • Only participate if there is a car you want to win.
    • Play with sale tickets, as they are much cheaper.
    • Buy 10+ tickets at a time to receive a bulk discount.
    • Keep your guesses close in case of a tie breaker.
    • Enlist the help of friends/family for spot the ball.

We have more helpful tips for winning BOTB here.

Other Car Competitions

Whilst BOTB is the UK’s leading dream car competition platform, there are other ways to win a car in the UK. Many car competitions offer free worldwide delivery (including BOTB), so you may be able to enter international competitions, but just ensure you read the terms and conditions to check you are eligible.

What happens when you win BOTB?

If you are lucky enough to win a BOTB dream car, your new car will normally be delivered in person by Christian Williams. The excitement (and often funny reactions) of car winners are filmed by the BOTB team, which are then shared across the BOTB website and social media platforms.

BOTB Customer Reviews

Below are a selection of BOTB reviews from real customers, which provide an honest overview of the service and competitions. There are also further BOTB reviews from available on Facebook, Feefo and Trustpilot, which all rate highly.

Richard L
Richard L
Read More
As one of BoTB's original customers, playing for 20 years, I would thoroughly recommend the 'Dream Car competition as it is great fun to play, with a good range of cars to suit all tastes. Accepting that the last few pixels are a matter of luck, I will continue in the quest for a win (one day). Thank you BoTB for a great competition.
Munjinder Pahal
Munjinder Pahal
Read More
This is great website with wonderful people that run it. I cant even tell how I felt when I got the call that I had won the superdrive. Every Tuesday I was wishing to win something on this website. I just want thank you all.
Richard George
Richard George
Read More
Very good web site and game with lots of choice of vehicles for spare change. I've played it for years now but still not quite made the cut but have been super close.

How can BOTB give away a car each week?

BOTB is one of the UK’s leading and largest car competitions. Each week, thousands of entrants participate in the spot the ball competition for a chance to win their dream car. The total value of the entry tickets sold each week exceeds the value of the car that is won, which ensures that the company that runs the competitions (Best of the Best PLC) remains profitable and can continue to run further competitions.

BOTB + Charity

Assistall is a social enterprise that donates 50% of the profits to UK charities, so we love other companies who also help raise funds for charity. BOTB have made charitable donations to over 80 charities totalling more than £160,000. You can find the full list of charities that have been supported by BOTB here.

Even if you don’t win your dream car or a lifestyle prize, it is nice to know that some of your entry ticket may go towards supporting good causes.

Conclusion: BOTB Review

BOTB is the UK’s leading dream car competition platform. They offer a large selection of vehicles, from brand new supercars to classic cars, and even motorhomes. The Spot the Ball game is a fun way to enter, requiring a level of skill and judgement to win.

They are a trusted competition provider and have given away over 500 vehicles. The Best of the Best lifestyle prizes offer the opportunity to win a wide selection of prizes, from tech to holidays. If you are considering a car competition, BOTB is a great choice!

We hope you have found our BOTB review useful. For more information about BOTB and car competitions in the UK, check the links below.

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BOTB Deals & Offers

Below are the best BOTB deals and offers currently available on Assistall. If you use any of our BOTB offers and enter a competition, we may receive a commission, which helps us donate to UK charities who do great work throughout our society.

1 BOTB Win a Car Competition

Free Servicing & Insurance for Winners

BOTB car compeition winners receive free insurance and servicing on their new cars, up to the value of £1,500 and £400 respectively.

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BOTB scam

Established for two Decades

is BOTB a scam

In UK Airports since 1999

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Guaranteed Weekly Winners

Best car competitions UK

Free Servicing & Insurance

Is BOTB legit

Left or Right Hand Drive

Is BOTB genuine

Free Shipping & Delivery

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