Is BOTB a scam or not?

Is BOTB a scam?

As with any paid competition with numerous participants competing for a single prize, it is natural for people to question whether BOTB is legitimate. This guide will explore a number factors to help you determine whether or not BOTB is a scam.

How BOTB Works

BOTB is a paid competition, with entry tickets starting from less than £1. Entrants can choose the car they want to play for, with more expensive cars having a higher entry price. There is also a cash prize alternative, which winners can choose instead of the vehicle.

What is Spot The Ball?  

As BOTB is legally required to use a skilled competition to determine winners, rather than a lottery or raffle, entrants participate play spot the ball. Entrants are shown a sporting photograph with the ball removed, and must then use skill and judgement to guess where the centre of the ball would be.

A panel of sporting experts use their professional opinion to determine where the ball should be. The winner of each car competition is the person whose guess is closest to the judges chosen position. Below is an overview video of how spot the ball works.

Is BOTB legit?

There are a number of factors that indicate BOTB is a legitimate car competition provider and not a scam, as we will explore in more detail below.

Registered Company

BOTB is a registered company (Best of the Best plc) incorporated in 1999 with company number 03755182, which trades on the London Stock Exchange. Their registered address is 2 Plato Place, 72-74 St Dionis Road, London, SW6 4TU and Companies House filing history can be viewed  here.

Winners are Filmed

The moment when a winning entrant finds out they have won their dream car is captured on film. There are countless hours of winners celebrating with the BOTB team and receiving their new car, cash or other prize, which helps prove that the competitions are legitimate. 

Social Media Presence

BOTB has a strong social media presence, with almost 300,000 followers on Facebook and close to 20,000 followers on Twitter. They post regularly across their social media platforms, and include information about their competitions, winners and the latest sports car news.

News Coverage

Dream car competition winners are regularly featured on local and national news outlets throughout the UK. These articles help validate that the prize winners are receiving their prizes, as advertised. You can find a full list of recent articles here.

Affiliated Businesses

They work with a large number of affiliated businesses and companies throughout the UK and internationally. Assistall is affiliated with BOTB. We take careful consideration with any brands or companies we choose to be affiliated with, and as BOTB is not a scam, we are happy to promote their services and car competitions.

Recognised Judges

The position of the ball in the Spot The Ball competition is decided upon by a panel of judges, which consists of sporting professionals, including players and referees. You check the full list of current BOTB judges, which is sure to include a few familiar faces.   

App Store

The Apple App Store filters and checks all apps that it displays to ensure they are safe, legitimate and trustworthy. The BOTB app is available to iOS users via the Apple App Store, which is indication that it is a safe and trusted application.

Some other indications that BOTB is not a scam include:

    • Winners are normally notified in person by celebrity and radio DJ Christian Williams.
    • Not only does BOTB have a registered office, but they also have UK based employees.
    • They often have a presence at reputable car events, such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
    • BOTB has thousands of positive reviews on Feefo and Trustpilot.
    • Over 500 cars have been given away to competition winners.
Can I trust BOTB review

Is BOTB Safe?

Our research indicates that BOTB is safe. With any competition, there is no guarantee of winning, but there are a number of signs that indicate that the BOTB platform is safe and secure. Below are some of reasons the BOTB appears to be safe.

BOTB Reviews

There are a lot of BOTB reviews available online, with some calling BOTB a scam. These reviews are often from disappointed entrants who did not win a dream car. As there are thousands of entries in each competition and it does require a level of skill to win, the probability of winning is quite low. However, there is a winner for each competition, and these reviews are inaccurate for labelling BOTB a scam.

A great place to read real reviews is Trustpilot, where BOTB is ranked as Excellent by thousands of reviews. There is also a comprehensive BOTB review available on Assistall.

How can BOTB give away a car each week?

BOTB is one of the UK’s leading and largest car competitions. Each week, thousands of entrants participate in the spot the ball competition for a chance to win their dream car. The total value of the entry tickets sold each week exceeds the value of the car that is won, which ensures that the company that runs the competitions (Best of the Best PLC) remains profitable and can continue to run further competitions.

Is BOTB a scam or real

BOTB + Charity

Assistall is a social enterprise that donates 50% of the profits to charity, so we love other companies who also help raise money for charity. BOTB have made charitable donations to over 80 charities totalling more than £160,000. You can find the full list of charities that have been supported by BOTB here.

The charitable donations not only help support national and international charities, but also help prove the legitimacy of BOTB as a trustworthy and reputable company.

Conclusion: BOTB is not a scam

BOTB is definitely not a scam, but instead a trusted and established company. They have pioneered the spot the ball game and host the UK’s leading dream car competition. Car winners are well documented, both in the media and throughout their own website.

They have been operating since 1999, starting with a presence in airports and now online via their website and social media. There are a large number of entrants in each competition, which is required to cover the cost of BOTB giving away a vehicle, so the chances of winning are quite low, but likely higher than many other paid competitions and lotto draws.

If you want to enter a car competition, BOTB is one of the safest and most trusted providers in the UK. 

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is BOTB a scam

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