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Give As You Live VS Assistall

Give as you Live is a leading platform that helps charities raise money through multiple different ways, including direct donations and online shopping. In this guide, we will explore Give as you live in more detail and how it compares to Assistall. 

Give As You Live

Give as you Live

Founded in 2010, Give as you Live is one of the UK’s leading fundraising platforms. The website makes it easy for charities to raise funds via donations and when supporters shop online or in-store.

They work with thousands of retailers and over 10,000 UK charities. To date, Give as you Live has raised an impressive £11,000,000+ for charity, with donations continuing to grow year after year.  The concept was developed due to a need for charities to have a simpler way to raise funds. 

The innovative fundraising system is a valuable asset to any UK charity looking to raise additional funding. As the website operates quite differently to Assistall (as we will explore below), it is a great additional fundraising opportunity to combine with us!

Give As You Live UK

Benefits of each Platform

Below are some of the main benefits of Give as you Live and Assistall.

Give as you Live Benefits

Assistall Benefits

Differences: Give as you Live & Assistall

Assistall and Give as you Live are both UK social enterprises that help raise money for charities when consumers shop online, but there are a number of key differences. Due to the different way in which each platform operates and as they don’t overlap, charities can benefit from using both together.

Below are some of the differences:

  • With Give as you Live, charities need to recruit ‘supporters’ who raise money for them, but this isn’t required with Assistall.
  • Give as you Live focuses on direct traffic from charity partners, whilst Assistall focuses on organic traffic from search engines (such as Google).
  • Give as you Live is open to all charities, whereas Assistall only has a limited number of charity partners at any time.
  • With Assistall, consumers do not need to register to use discount codes and help raise money for charity, but registration is required with Give as you Live.
  • Assistall shares profits equally with all charity partners, whereas Give as you Live donates only the money raised by each charity’s own supporters.
  • Give as you Live has the ability to make a direct donation to charities, as well as raise money by shopping in-store and online.
  • Assistall provides consumers with a benefit with voucher codes and comparison tools that help save money on purchases and services.

Give as you Live is a fundraising platform that requires charities to recruit supporters who then raise money when they shop online or in-store via the website. Charities then receive 50% of the money raised by their supporters.

Assistall is more similar to sites like and, with discount codes and comparison tools to help consumers save money on their purchases. The profits are then split equally with all charity partners.

Give as you Live vs Assistall

How do they work?

How Give as you Live works

Charity supporters visit the Give as you Live platform directly or via charity websites. New consumers who visit from search engines must register and choose a charity before they can raise money.

Online Shopping: When a customer clicks from Give as you Live to a shop and then completes a purchase, the retailer pays Give as you Live a small referral commission. However, unlike Assistall, consumers do not benefit from deals and voucher codes.

Direct Donations: Supporters can make a direct donation to a charity. This is a great way to raise additional funds, and does not require supporters to shop online. There is a small processing and platform fee for donations.

In-store Shopping: A unique way of fundraising for charity, the Give as you Live card allows consumers to make purchases at over 100 popular retailers. When a consumer buys a prepaid card, their nominated charity will receive 2% of the spend.

Donations: Charities receive the money raised and donated by their supporters. If no supporters raise money whilst shopping or make a donation, the charity does not receive any funding.

How Assistall works

Consumers come to Assistall mostly via search engines (such as Google) and can use all of the tools and voucher codes without needing to register.

Voucher Codes: Assistall features thousands of discount codes from the UK’s leading retailers. When a consumer uses an Assistall voucher code and completes a purchase, the retailer pays Assistall a small commission.

Comparison Tools: Assistall has a number of different tools to help consumers find cheaper deals and compare products, such as boiler cover or travel insurance. When a consumer uses a tool and completes a purchase, the retailer pays a small commission.

Donations: 50% of the profits are equally shared amongst all charity partners. Charity partners do not need to recruit supporters or send traffic to Assistall to benefit.

Give as you Live + Assistall

Assistall and Give as you Live are the perfect pairing for any charity. They each have a number of fundraising methods that raise money in different ways. We recommend using Give as you Live to all charities in the UK who are looking for extra fundraising through a fun and intuitive platform. 

Register a Charity

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