Plasterboard Ceiling

Plasterboard is one of the most commonly used materials for residential ceilings. Plasterboard ceilings are one of the cheapest options available, and also offer a long lifespan with minimal maintenance required.

Interior Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings are the most popular type for residential homes in the UK. They are easy to maintain and repair, and provide a clean and smooth finish to the internal ceiling.

Below we have information on the types and costs of plasterboard ceilings, as well tips to save you money on repairs and installations.

Internal Plasterboard Ceiling Installation & Repair

Compare Plasterboard Ceiling Prices

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Plasterboard Ceiling Installation

Plasterboard is commonly used on both internal walls and ceilings in most homes throughout the nation. They are a popular choice as they provide a pleasing finish that can be painted in any number of colours.

Installing plasterboard ceilings can be a challenging DIY project, so in most cases it is best left to the experts. A professional plasterer will not only install plasterboard on ceilings that have a smooth finish, but they will also account for any downlights or lighting fixtures you want to install.

Repairing Plasterboard Ceilings

One of the downsides of plasterboard is that it isn’t the strongest material. Accidents can puncture the plasterboard, exposing a hole in your ceiling. Lighter collisions with your plasterboard can result in unsightly dents, which may be easier to repair.

For smaller dents, repairs can often be carried out as a DIY project. There are plenty of great videos online, such as this one, which talk you through the steps of repairing plasterboard ceilings with small dents.

For larger repairs, a professional plasterer may be the best option. Repairing a hole in plasterboard can be difficult, and if the work isn’t carried out to a high standard, the plasterboard repair may be very obvious.

Looking for Local Plasterboard Ceiling Contractors?

Replace a Plasterboard Ceiling

Water can badly damage a plasterboard ceiling. Water ingress is commonly caused by a leaking roof or clogged gutters overflowing. Depending on the level of damage, you may need a new plasterboard ceiling installation, rather than a repair.

When replacing a plasterboard ceiling, you may want to update the electrics. This is often a great time to install new lighting, such as down lights or a dimmer switch. Rewiring and installing new lighting will be much cheaper when carried out as part of a plasterboard ceiling replacement when compared to carrying out the work on it’s own.

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