Olight Warrior Mini – A Super Powerful EDC Torch

Review of Olight Store UK Warrior Mini
The Olight Warrior Mini is an everyday carry torch that is ideal for any occasion thanks to its strong & lightweight construction and high power output.

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Product: Olight Warrior Mini

Available at: OlightStore.uk

Design: High power from a compact EDC torch

Max Output: 1,500 Lumens

Max Throw: 190m

Weight: 105g



The Warrior Mini is at the larger end of everyday carry torches but boasts an impressive maximum output of 1,500 lumens. There are several different lighting modes and levels, making it suitable for almost any occasion.

It is powered by a single Olight rechargeable battery with 3,500 mAh of power, allowing this small torch to run continuously for an impressive 45 days.

There are multiple attachments for ease of use and storage, including a wrist lanyard and multi-directional belt clip. The magnetised base also makes it easy to attach to any magnetic surface.

The Olight Warrior Mini has dual buttons. The primary power button not only turns the torch on and off, but also changes the modes and brightness levels. The base mounted button quickly engages turbo mode, saving time when you need the most powerful light output.

The torch can be easily recharged using the included USB charger, which has a magnetic charging dock and convenient light that indicates the charge status.

Olight Warrior Mini Review


The Warrior Mini offers 5 different levels of brightness, making it an extremely versatile EDC flashlight.

Turbo mode: Produces 1,500 lumens for 4 minutes with a throw of 190m, reducing to 500 lumens for a further 205 minutes, after which it reduces to 170 lumens for 55 minutes.

High mode: Produces 500 lumens for 218 minutes with a throw of 110m, reducing to 170 lumens for a further 50 minutes.

Medium mode: Produces 120 lumens for 18 hours with a throw of 54 metres.

Low mode: Produces 15 lumens for 150 hours with a throw of 18 metres.

Moon mode: Produces 1 lumens and lasts 45 days on moonlight mode.

There is also a strobe function that can be engaged with three clicks of the torch’s operation button.

The Warrior Mini is both waterproof and impact resistant. It can be submerged to 2m and dropped from a height of 1.5m due to its strong and reliable construction.



Whilst still very much in the category of an EDC flashlight, it is at the larger end compared with some everyday carry torches, such as the S1R Baton II. Much of the Warrior Mini’s size and weight is due to the powerful battery, which provides a large lumen output and a long lasting battery life from each charge.

As you would expect from an EDC torch, the Warrior Mini is lightweight and compact, making it convenient to carry in a bag, on your belt, in a pocket or around your wrist.

Length: 106.5mm

Diameter: 23mm

Weight: 105 grams (including battery)



Olight provide a market leading warranty on their products, including the Warrior Mini. If your torch has a defect because of materials or workmanship, Olight will make it right.

If the defect is within 30 days of your purchase, return it to the retailer you purchased it from for a replacement or repair.

If there is a factory defect within 5 years, simply return the flashlight to Olight for a repair or replacement.

Olight Review

Included Accessories

  • Warrior Mini Flashlight
  • Olight 3,500 mAh Battery
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Multi Language User Manual



The Warrior Mini is a well-designed torch that combines both everyday carry and tactical elements into a durable and powerful flashlight. Below are some of the standout features.

Easy to carry: Not only is the Warrior Mini lightweight, but it also features a multi-directional clip, wrist lanyard and magnetic base, making it great for everyday carrying.

Incredible Performance: One of the best features of the Warrior Mini is the incredible maximum output of 1,500 lumens with a 190m throw.

Superior Battery: The Warrior Mini has a 3,500 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for an impressive 45 days straight on moon mode.

Tactical Benefits: This small torch has been designed with tactical essentials in mind, from the strike bezel and dual switches to the lockout mode.

Review of Olight Warrior Mini

Dual Buttons for Extra Control

A rare feature on an everyday carry flashlight, the Warrior Mini comes with 2 switches. The tactical switch on the bottom of the torch can be fully compressed to turn on the turbo mode, or half press for a medium light beam. A long hold of the tail switch will keep the torch on, and then releasing the button will turn it off.

The side operation button provides extended functionality. As well as turning the torch on and off, this button enables the different lighting modes (such as strobing or regular illumination) and changes the brightness.

Another feature of the side button is the inbuilt light indicator for the battery level. A green light indicates more than 60% battery, an orange light means there is between 10-60% battery remaining, with 5-10% battery the light will shine red, and at below 5% the light will blink red.

Olight Review UK


Recharging the Warrior Mini could not be easier, thanks to the included charging dock. The USB charger has a magnetic base, which quickly locks onto the base of the torch for effortless charging in any situation.

There is a convenient LED light that displays the charge status, with a red indicating that the torch is charging, whilst a green light indicates a full battery. The LED also shines green when the torch is detached from the charger.


Grip, Clip & Lanyard

The Warrior Mini is a very comfortable torch to hold. The metal construction feels sturdy, whilst the weight is equally distributed throughout the torch giving it a balanced in-hand feel.

The textured sides provide ample grip in any weather and whilst wearing gloves. The large tail switch will also make it easy to operate in colder weather or when gloves are worn.

The multi-directional belt clip makes it easy to attach the Warrior Mini to your belt, pocket, hat or anywhere else required. The wrist lanyard is a great addition, especially when this torch is used on hikes. The magnetic base also increases the usability of the torch, as it can be quickly mounted to any magnetic surface.



The Warrior Mini is a small, strong and powerful EDC torch. It has a number of added tactical features, which further enhance the usefulness of this torch for a range of different requirements.

The large battery ensures an extended operational life with minimal recharging. It is built tough, easily withstanding water, dust and drops. If you are shopping for a new EDC torch in the UK, the Warrior Mini is worth checking out.

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