Skip Hire Prices

Skip Hire Prices

The main factors that impact the cost of hiring a skip are the skip size required and your location in the UK. Larger skips cost more than smaller bins. Availability can also influence local skip hire prices. 

How much does Skip Hire Cost?

Skip hire prices start from as little as £200 for a mini skip, but larger skips can cost several hundred pounds. Other factors, such as whether you require a skip permit, and the type of skip you need, can also influence the costs.

Below is our guide to the main skip pricing factors, and how much you can expect to pay when hiring a skip. We have also included a few useful money saving tips to ensure you receive a great deal on your skip hire.

Whether you are looking to hire a skip for a home renovation, or need to clean up a commercial site, read on to find out how much a skip will cost you.

Cheap Skip Hire Prices

Skip Hire Prices by Size

The skip size you require is likely to be the biggest factor in how much it will cost. When you hire a skip, most of the cost is for disposing of your waste, and as larger skips hold more waste, they cost more to hire. Skips in the UK measured by cubic yards (yd³) which refers to the amount of space available in the skip. Sizes are also typically grouped into the following categories:

  • Mini Skips (2-3 yards)
  • Midi Skips (4-5 yards)
  • Builders Skips (6-8 yards)
  • Maxi Skips (10+ yards)
  • Roll-On Roll-Off Skips (20-40 yards)

For more information about the different skip sizes available, check out the skip size guide.

2-3 Yard Mini Skips

Cost: Prices from £120

Uses: These smaller skips are ideal for smaller domestic projects around the house and garden. Mini skips are a cost effective waste removal solution.

Size: Approximately 25 – 35+ Bin Bags

Cost of a 2 yard mini skip

4-5 Yard Midi Skips

Cost: Prices from £250

Uses: Ideal for domestic projects, or as a secondary skip on worksites where waste materials must be kept separated. They are typically restricted to a single project, such as a garden clean up. 

Size: Approximately 45 – 55+ Bin Bags

Price of 4 yard skip

6 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £290

Uses: A common skip size on smaller worksites or for domestic projects. They are great for holding waste from kitchen or bathroom renovations, or even larger garden clearances. 

Size: Approximately 65+ Bin Bags

How much does a 6 yard skip cost

8 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £350

Uses: 8-yard skips are ideal for larger domestic jobs, where you are likely to create a sizeable amount of waste. They are a popular size due to their versatility, and are commonly hired by both domestic and commercial clients. 

Size: Approximately 80+ Bin Bags

8 Yard Skip Hire Prices

10 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £400

Uses: More commonly used on commercial sites, a 10-yard skip can also be a great option for large house renovations, where larger amounts of waste will be generated. They are great for mixed waste, such as rubble, garden waste and building rubbish. 

Size: Approximately 100+ Bin Bags

Cost of hiring a large skip

12 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £430

Uses: These skips are quite large, and hold a considerable amount of waste, so they are often found on commercial sites, rather than for domestic applications. However, one of these skips may be ideal if undertaking a complete house renovation. 

Size: Approximately 120+ Bin Bags

Skip Hire Price of 12 yard skip

14 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £460

Uses: 14-yard skips are large, and hold a substantial amount of waste. They are popular for construction projects, due to their affordable prices and large capacity. They can also be used for larger house renovations. 

Size: Approximately 145+ Bin Bags

Cost of hiring a 14 yard skip

16 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £550

Uses: These skips are large enough to fit a small car, or a considerable amount of unwanted waste. They are great for mixed waste, including rubble, garden waste and construction waste. They offer great value for money.

Size: Approximately 170+ Bin Bags

Cost of a large 16 yard skip

18 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £600

Uses: If you are looking for a large skip for a considerable amount of waste, an 18 yard skip is a fantastic option, with affordable pricing. They are often the largest size available of the standard skip shape, although they also come in a roll-on roll-off (RoRo) format. 

Size: Approximately 195+ Bin Bags

How much to hire a skip

20 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £700+

Uses: One of the smallest of the roll-on roll-off skips, 20 yard skips are most commonly found on commercial sites. They require more room than smaller skips to position, but also hold a considerable amount of waste. They also provide clients with easy loading. 

Size: Approximately 220+ Bin Bags

RoRo Skip Prices

30 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £900+

Uses: The second largest roll-on roll-off skip size available, and one of the cheapest waste removal options available in the UK, a 30-yard skip is ideal for projects that require a very large waste disposal solution. They are regularly used on construction sites, where constant waste is produce. 

Size: Approximately 330+ Bin Bags

Commercial skip hire prices

40 Yard Skip Hire

Cost: Prices from £1,100+

Uses: When it comes to skips, the 40-yard roll-on roll-off skip is the biggest size commonly available in the UK. Understandably, they are also the most expensive when comparing skip hire prices, but these large skips provide excellent value for commercial clients who need to dispose of considerable waste. 

Size: Approximately 440+ Bin Bags

Cost of hiring a skip UK

Skip Bin Prices by Type

The type of skip you require will influence the cost. The typical skip bin shape is the cheapest, mostly because it is the most basic and available in smaller sizes. Roll-on Roll-off skips are generally only available in larger sizes, so costs are higher than a standard skip shape.

Lockable skips are more technical, and have the added feature of being fully enclosed to protect your skip from unwanted waste and fly-tipping. Skips with drop door sides are also more advanced than basic skips, and provide clients with easier loading. Due to these added features, the price of hiring a lockable or drop door skip is more expensive than a basic skip.

Lockable Skip Hire Prices

Cost: Prices from £250 – 400

Uses: Lockable skips have covers, and can be closed and secured when left unattended. This can be useful to prevent unauthorised waste being added to your skip, which not only takes up space, but can also result in your skip being contaminated with waste that is not allowed. Lockable skips cost more than traditional skips.

Size: Sizes vary (commonly mini to builders skips).

Lockable Skip Hire Price

Factors that influence Skip Hire Prices

Below are a few more considerations that can impact the cost of your skip hire. They may not always be relevant to you, depending on the type of skip you require and its use.

Skip Hire Permit

If you plan on placing a skip on a road (or other council owned land), it is important that you have the necessary skip permit from your local council. The cost of a permit differs between councils, but are typically between £15 -£60. Skip providers can arrange the permit on your behalf. If the skip is placed on private land, a permit is not required.

Length of Hire

Most clients hire a skip for between 1 – 2 weeks. If you fill your skip sooner, you can call the provider and they will take it away. If you require the skip for a longer period, you may have to pay an additional charge, however prices for extending the skip hire period are often quite small, and some companies may be happy to extend for free.

Location of Skip Hire

Skip hire prices vary significantly throughout the UK, with the highest prices generally seen in London and the South of England. The cheapest skip prices are found further north, in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England.

Type of Waste

Some waste is not permitted in your skip, and the allowable waste often varies between skip firms, so always take a look on their information page before booking. Restricted items include electrical products (such as fridges, TV’s, microwaves), batteries, tyres, paints, and plasterboard.

Fortunately, many restricted items can be taken to your local council run recycling centre, and disposed of for free (or cheap).

It is important that you never try to hide restricted waste in your skip. Every skip is individually sorted for recycling, and if disallowed waste is found, you may have to pay additional disposal costs.

Please note: the costs above are a guide of skip hire prices in the UK, and prices may vary. For accurate pricing for your specifications, please request a quote or use the compare pricing form below.

It is important to always use a skip hire company that has a waste carrier license. It is illegal to carry waste without appropriate licensing. You can check the public register for environmental information here.

How to save on Skip Hire Costs!

At Assistall, we love helping consumers save money on their purchases, whether you want a cheap skip price or some new electronics. We have put together a handy guide on how to save on the cost of hiring a skip.

A few top tips include:

  • Compare prices from multiple skip providers. You can often find a great deal by spending a few moments checking different suppliers.
  • Use free local council recycling centres to dispose of some of your waste, which will reduce the skip size you need and save you cash.
  • Calculate what size skip you need. Clients often underestimate the skip size they need, and hiring multiple skips costs more than hiring one larger skip.

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