Amazon Discount Finder Tool

Find Hidden Amazon Deals with up to 80% OFF!

Amazon Discount Finder

Amazon offer some of the best online shopping deals in the UK, but many people don’t realise that you can unlock even bigger savings with the help of our Amazon discount finder tool.

The Amazon deal finder searches for the best bargains, which can often be hidden deep within the search results. If you love savings, take our discount finder tool for a spin.

It’s free, the results are displayed instantly, and if you find a bargain and make a purchase, you will also help raise money for good causes.

Find Amazon Bargains

Amazon has firmly established itself as the market leader for online shopping in the UK, with millions of products available at great prices. And with free next day delivery with Prime, you can get your goods real fast!

In this guide, we will spill the beans on all the tricks and tips to help you save more on your Amazon shopping. Let’s jump in!

Discount Finder Tool

If you haven’t already tried our Amazon Discount Finder tool above, it is a great place to start. To get the most out of the tool, be sure to enter as much information as possible and select a broad discount range (typically more than 30% is ideal).

Whilst this tool is a great way of finding hidden Amazon bargains, the results are automatically generated. It is always a good idea to compare prices to ensure you are in fact receiving a good price.

How does it work?

When you search for results on Amazon, not all of the filters are visible to users. We use these hidden filters to display products that have the biggest savings. Our Amazon bargain finder makes it easy to find these sneaky discounted products that can often be lost in the sea of results you receive with a regular search on

How much can I actually save?

The best savings are typically around the 80% OFF mark, but you can incredibly find savings of up to 100%! These can be either price glitches or Amazon promotions, and items can sometimes be free. You can also find plenty of goods for sale for just a penny!

The discount finder tool is also a great way of finding end of the line and discontinued products that are heavily reduced. Whether you are looking for a TV, health and beauty or home wares, you are sure to find great deals.

Is it really the cheapest price?

Whilst Amazon has great prices, and the discount tool helps you find the best bargains, we recommend you always check prices at other retailers. eBay has a large range of brand new products available at very competitive prices.

For more expensive items, such as TV’s, sofas, phones, etc., it is worth looking at other retailers who specialise in those products.

Beware of Shipping Costs

It is important to consider the cost of shipping before making a purchase. Some items on Amazon, particularly those in the Marketplace, are sold at extremely cheap prices but have extortionate postage prices. Make sure you always check the total combined price (item price + postage cost) against prices at other stores and sellers.


Enjoy Free 1-Day Delivery

Nobody likes paying for postage! With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy free and unlimited one-day delivery on countless products across the entire range, from make-up to pet supplies.

Amazon Prime does have usually have a fee, but you can enjoy 1-month absolutely free by signing up here (just be sure to cancel before the end of the trial). During the trial, you will get all of the benefits Amazon Prime has to offer, including Prime Video, Music and of course, Free Delivery!

How to get more than 1-Month Free Amazon Prime?

Most Amazon shoppers don’t realise that you can normally receive multiple trials of Amazon Prime. This means that you can receive the benefits of Prime, without having to pay the monthly or annual fee. Below are a few steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Prime Trial.
  2. Enjoy all the benefits of Prime!
  3. Cancel your membership before the end of the trial.
  4. When you want to make another purchase on Amazon, log into your account again and proceed to the checkout. Many users will be offered another free Prime membership during check out.

It is important to note that you are very unlikely to be offered a free Amazon Prime membership straight away, but typically it only takes a few weeks to a month or 2. With this method, you can effectively have Amazon Prime free for up to 50% of the year.

Please note: success rates can vary, and Amazon may change how they offer free trials in the future.

Free Amazon Prime Deal


Amazon Discount Codes

One of the best ways to unlock extra savings when shopping on Amazon is with a discount code. We have a whole page dedicated to the most popular Amazon vouchers and offers currently available.

We also recommend checking out the Amazon Voucher and Coupon page, which lists hundreds (if not thousands) of discount codes for a wide selection of different products. Simply click the ‘Collect Voucher’ button and it will be automatically applied when you are ready to check out.

Discount codes are one of the best ways to save extra cash on your online purchases. Almost all major retailers operate a discount code system, which are often promoted on social media sites. Head over to Amazon’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to check for exclusive deals that may be available.

How to save more with Amazon Discounts?

Amazon vs Amazon Marketplace

Whilst they are sold on the same platform, items sold in the Marketplace are typically from independent traders rather than by Amazon direct.

Quite often, these items have higher shipping costs and may not be eligible for Prime’s free and quick next day postage service. Also, the regular £20 free shipping threshold for non-Prime members is not always available with Marketplace sellers.

If there is a fault with the product, you may also need to send the item back to the seller directly, rather than Amazon (you can find out more about your rights when buying online here). All products sold on Amazon are covered by the A to Z Guarantee, which reimburses you if the item does not arrive or is not as described, up to a total value of £2,500.

Grab Bargains with Amazon Warehouse

If our Amazon Discount Finder above didn’t yield any results, don’t despair. Instead, head over to the Amazon Warehouse! This is the destination for all of Amazon’s returned, warehouse damaged and refurbished goods, and you can find some impressive discounts.

Many of these products have very minor cosmetic damage, which will go unseen. Photos are included along with a useful description, ensuring you know what to expect before ordering.

You will also receive the same great Amazon returns policy you are used to, but with discounts of 50% and more!

Did you know…

Assistall is not only here to help you find bargains on, but we also raise money for good causes. If you like our advice and click through to Amazon, we may receive a small referral commission, which allows us to donate much needed funds to good causes. There is no cost to you, and no obligation to proceed.

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