About Assistall

Assistall is an ambitious social enterprise that aims to help consumers make informed decisions & save cash, whilst also raising funds for charity.

What is Assitall?

As a social enterprise, Assistall aims to do good within our society. As our name suggests, we hope to help all areas of our community, starting with consumers and charities. Throughout the site, you will find advice, tips, reviews, discounts, offers and comparisons, which help consumers save cash and make informed decisions. Just like most other blogs or voucher code website, Assistall contains affiliate links, which help us raise money that can then be donated to charity.

About Assistall - Voucher Codes, Advice and Offers

Assistall + Charity

Assistall works closely with amazing charities, both within the UK and internationally. We raise much needed funds so that they can continue to carry out their vital work and improve the world we live in.

Assistall + Consumers

Our team of money saving experts have compiled our large collection of voucher codes and offers to help consumers save. There are also tips, advice and expert reviews. 

How it works

Assistall is completely free for both consumers and charities. We receive small commissions from retailers when referring customers, which helps fund the site and donate to charity. Want to find out more about how Assistall works? 

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