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The UK's Best Car Competitions

From sports cars to first cars, there are lots of ways to win a car. Let’s explore some of the best paid and free car competitions in the UK. 

Win a brand new car
Win a Car UK

Car Competitions

Below we have highlighted some of the best car competitions currently available in the UK. 

There are lots of competitions in the UK to win a car, motorcycle or even a motorhome. Most competitions offer entrants the opportunity to win a sports car, whilst others have cheaper car giveaways. Some competitions now also have classic cars that can be won. Below you will find the most common types of car competitions.

Win a Sports Car UK

Win a Sports Car

Enter to win a brand new sports car with these competitions.

Win a Dream Car

Win a Dream Car

From classics to masterpieces, win your dream car.

Win a First Car

First Car Competitions

Win your first car with these great car competitions.

Car Competition Deals

Paid competitions typically offer the best opportunity to win a car, with more frequent giveaways and less entries. To help you save a little more, below you will find car competition deals and offers.

1 BOTB Win a Car Competition

Free Servicing & Insurance for Winners

BOTB car compeition winners receive free insurance and servicing on their new cars, up to the value of £1,500 and £400 respectively.

What cars can I win?

In recent years, car competitions have come a long way. Not only can you win a new car, but many competitions now have classic and older vehicles. Below are some of the vehicles you can win.

Win a Sport Car

Sports Cars

Win a Classic Car

Classic Cars

Win a car

Everyday Cars

Win an electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles

Win a luxury car

Luxury Vehicles

Win a Motorhome UK


Discover the full range of cars & vehicles here:

Ready to Win a Car?

There are thousands of car giveaways every year throughout the UK, including many paid and free competitions. Some winners are chosen at random, whilst other competitions require players to have a level of skill to win a car.


The available vehicles that can be won vary greatly, from small budget cars to luxury and high-performance sports cars. Whether you are a new driver wanting your first car, or a car enthusiast wanting to win a dream car, there is a competition for everyone. You can also win motor homes too!


Entering a car competition is simple, fun and quite often free. Find a competition that has a vehicle that you are interested in winning (you can find competitions here). Be sure to read all the terms and conditions – some competitions require you to complete a task, such as make purchase or complete a survey, before you can enter, whilst others may require a small entrance fee. 


Other Car Competitions

As well as competitions to win a car, there are countless other car related giveaways that you could enter. Whilst you won’t win a car, you can win great car accessories, such as free roadside assistance, cash to spend on fuel, free annual car tax, car care kits and lots more.  


Ready to try your luck and enter a car competition? View the selection of vehicle competitions available here.

Free competitions to win a car
Free Car Competitions
Best Car Giveaways


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about winning a car. 

Like any competitions, the odds of winning a car depends on a number of factors, including the number of other entrants, how well you played the game (if a game is involved), and many more.


Cars are a particularly valuable prize, especially dream cars, which can attract a high number of entrants. The more entrants, the less likely you are to win. For the best odds of winning, opt for competitions with the fewest entrants.


If there is a game involved, such as spot the ball, you will need both skill and luck. These games require contestants to guess a spot on the screen, and the closest person wins. For contests with a game, always be sure to check how to play and how the winner is judged to increase your chances of winning.


The more competitions you enter, the higher your odds of winning. Consider a combination of paid and free car giveaways.

With free car giveaways, why would you pay to enter? There are numerous reasons why paying to enter a competition may be the right choice for you, as we will explore below.


Better cars: In general, the best luxury and supercars are only available on paid car competition sites. If you want to win a dream car, your best option will likely be a paid competition. 


Trusted competitions: There are a lot of new win a car competitions that pop up every day. Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. The established paid competitions are run by legitimate companies, ensuring you can trust that a car will be won.


Fewer entrants: As you would expect, free car giveaway competitions attract a sizeable number of entrants. As such, your odds of winning drastically decrease. For the best odds of winning, consider paid competitions.


Greater transparency: Established car giveaway companies not only offer guidance on how to enter and win the game, but also explain how the winners are judged, ensuring a fair outcome for everyone.


It is important to consider whether paid competitions are the right choice for you and your circumstances. 


View the best paid car competitions here.

There are lots of great free car competitions available for UK residents. We have included a few competitions above that are worth considering. 


Whilst they do not cost anything to enter, many of these competitions do require entrants to complete a task of fulfil certain entry requirements. For example, you may need to fill out a survey or make an eligible purchase to be able to enter. Other competitions may be restricted to certain demographics, such as new drivers. As such, always check the entry criteria before entering.



The selection of cars available is often limited, and they are more less valuable than paid competitions.


It is also important to consider that there may be far more entrants in a free competition, which could decrease your odds of winning.


If you want to win a sports car, you may want to check out specialist competition providers, such as BOTB.

Competitions are designed to be fun, and in most cases you need a lot of luck to win, but there are a few ways to increase your odds.


Enter lots of competitions: The more competitions you enter, the higher your odds of wining become. Even if it isn’t your dream car, you may be able to receive a cash prize instead.


Enter multiple times: Not all competitions allow you to enter more than once, but many do. However, you may need to complete an action to enter more than once, such as making a purchase or completing a survey.


Check how to play: Not all competitions are created equal. To increase your odds of winning, check how each competition is judged. For example, spot and win or spot the ball competitions require you to estimate a point on your screen.


Don’t give up: Some people win on their first go, but most do not. The more often you enter car giveaways, the higher your chances are of winning.


Consider international competitions: There are loads of great competitions to win a car in the UK, but you can also consider many international competitions, which offer free worldwide delivery. Be sure to check whether you are eligible to enter.

As well as winning a car, many competitions also provide winners with some nice perks. The best extras are typically found with paid competitions.


So, what can you expect if you win a car in the UK?


One of the most common perks is free insurance, which can help save you thousands, especially as insuring a new sports car can be costly. Free insurance is typically offered for the first year or few years of after winning the vehicle.


Many competitions also provide free servicing for your new vehicle. However, just like the insurance, free servicing is normally only offered for a limited time after the win.


As well as winning a car, many competitions also provide a cash bonus. The amounts can vary greatly, from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.


Whilst your new vehicle most likely won’t require it, some car competitions also provide roadside assistance. In the unlikely event you get stuck, you will quickly have someone on their way to assist you.


Most car competitions include free shipping to your address. Some providers even include international shipping, whilst many offer domestic delivery.


If you don’t want the car, you may be able to receive a cash prize instead. Not everyone who enters a car giveaway wants to win a car, as the cash may be more beneficial.

Competitions to win a car instantly are quite rare, but do occasionally appear. These instant win competitions can often lack the same legitimacy of a regular car competition. It is advisable to always do your research and check whether the competition is legitimate before paying to enter.

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