Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you are looking for some fun & unique wedding entertainment ideas to ensure your guests have a great time at your reception, we are here to help! Below is our large list of wedding entertainment inspiration, including deluxe, cheap, free and DIY ideas for all weddings and budgets.

Fun Wedding Ideas

Keeping your guests entertained throughout your wedding day can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! We have compiled a list of fun wedding entertainment ideas that your guests are sure to love. And the best part is that our list contains numerous cheap and DIY ideas, so they won’t break your budget.

Photo Booth Hire is a Fun Wedding Entertainment Idea

Photo Booth Hire

Cost: Photo booth prices vary depending on location and inclusions, but typically range from £250 to £400 for a 3 hour package.

Fun Factor?????

Photo booths are a great way of keeping your guests laughing all night long. They are also a very popular wedding entertainment idea as they take care of your wedding favours! You will also receive a much more exciting guest book, with fun photos and loving messages.

Pro: A great way of expanding your wedding photography coverage.

Con: Difficult to DIY.

Want a Professional?

  • PhotosBooths: Professional photo booth hire throughout the UK, with affordable pricing from as little as £200.
  • Funday Entertainment Ltd: Funday Ltd has a range of photobooths so your guests will remember your magical day for a lifetime!

DJ Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding DJ

Cost: Cheaper wedding DJs normally start at around £250, whilst more experienced DJs can cost upwards of £500.

Fun Factor?????

A wedding DJ is one of the most popular reception entertainment ideas. A wedding needs music, and even when hiring a live band or musician, you will often need a DJ to fill in the gaps when the band have a break. A great wedding DJ will be able to respond to the mood at your reception, and ensure your guests are dancing all night long.

Pro: Keep all your guests entertained with your favourite hits.

Con: There is a lot of choice, so choosing the right DJ for your wedding can be time consuming.

Want a Professional?

  • DJ Terry Lewis: One of the best Wedding DJs in England, who is guaranteed to ensure you and your guests have a night to remember! Terry will bring the wow factor to your wedding reception.

Wedding Singing Waiter

Singing Waiters

Cost: Singing Wedding waiter prices typically range from £800 to £2,200.

Fun Factor???

There aren’t too may ways to entertain your guests whilst they eat, but if you want to do something a little different, why not surprise your guests with singing waiters. Out of the blue, your waiters will break out into song and get your wedding guests engaged and dancing.

Pro: Takes care of entertainment whilst your guests enjoy their food.

Con: Prices can be very expensive.

Want a Professional?

  • Secret Singers: A bespoke entertainment that is sure to surprise all your guests when your waiters break out in song.

Giant Games for Weddings and Events

Giant Garden Games

Cost: Prices from £40, with multi game packages from £200.

Fun Factor???

Giant garden games are a great way of entertaining guests of all ages. As they require the guests to be outside, they are a wedding entertainment idea that is most popular during the warmer months. They are a cheap activity, with prices generally starting from around £40.

Pro: Wide choice of games available, appealing to all guests.

Con: Best suited to warmer days, and can be ruined by rain.

Want a Professional?

  • Sunshine Events: With a large selection of games to choose from, your guests are sure to be kept entertained.

Fun Casino Wedding Entertainment

Casino Tables

Cost: Casino and roulette hire prices typically range from £200 to £1,000, depending on the number of tables you require.

Fun Factor????

You don’t need to have a casino or Las Vegas themed wedding to add a few casino games to your line up of wedding entertainment ideas! Casino games are extremely popular, and your guests can play with fake money to see who is the champion. They are best suited to adults, so aren’t ideal for weddings with lots of younger guests.

Pro: Relatively affordable, and a great way of keeping guests entertained for hours.

Con: Set up areas can be large, and adult orientated.

Want a Professional?

  • Lost Vegas: Fun casino hire with a wide selection of games available, including roulette, poker and blackjack.

Karaoke Wedding Reception Entertainment


Cost: Karaoke prices often start from £130, but can be much cheaper if combine with your DJ.

Fun Factor????

Karaoke isn’t well suited to all types of weddings, but if you and your guests enjoy having a sing along, it may be the perfect addition. Many DJs offer karaoke as an add on service, which is much cheaper than hiring a specialist karaoke machine.

Pro: Cheap when added to DJ hire.

Con: Best suited to weddings where guests will want to participate.

Want a Professional?

  • Karaoke Hire: Professional karaoke machine hire loaded with over 20,000 songs to keep you singing all night long.

Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire

Chocolate Fountain Hire

Cost: Chocolate fountain hire typically costs from £350 to £500.

Fun Factor???

In recent years, chocolate fountains have become increasingly popular at weddings. Not only do they look great, but allowing your guests dip a fruits, sweets, marshmallows and more into melted chocolate. They are great fun, but can be messy, so are best left to after the photos have wrapped up.

Pro: An easy way of taking care of your guests dessert.

Con: Can be messy and sticky.

Want a Professional?

Fake Paparazzi Entertainment Idea

Fake Paparazzi Hire

Cost: Fake paparazzi hire prices start from £300 to £500. More paps and longer hire periods increase costs.

Fun Factor???

Fake paparazzi is one of the more unusual wedding entertainment ideas on our list, and most people wouldn’t have heard of it. Fake paparazzi hire will give your guests the movie star treatment whilst they arrive at your reception, with a reporter on hand to grab the latest gossip and paps firing away to get the exclusive photos.

Pro: High energy and exciting to get your guests ready for the fun of your wedding reception.

Con: Best suited to when guests arrive, as won’t work as well during other times of the wedding day.

Want a Professional?

Celebrity Lookalike Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Celebrity Lookalike Hire

Cost: Celebrity lookalikes typically cost between £200 to £450.

Fun Factor??

An interesting way of entertaining your guests during a wedding reception is with celebrity lookalikes. There are plenty of lookalikes available throughout the UK, ranging from Hollywood superstars to Gordon Ramsay impersonators, so you are sure to find the ideal celeb for your wedding.

Pro: A celebrity lookalike can be particularly fun if you have a theme or want to surprise your partner.

Con: Can be expensive.

Want a Professional?

  • Alive Network: A selection of popular celebrity lookalikes to suit all budgets, as well as a numerous other entertainers.

Entertain wedding guests with a close up magician

Wedding Close Up Magician

Cost: Close up magicians typically cost in the region of £250 to £500.

Fun Factor?????

Everyone likes magic, which is one of the reasons close up magicians are popular with wedding reception guests. Close up magic enables guests to participate and be part of each magic trick, and also demonstrates the magicians skill. Your guests will be discussing how the magic works all night long.

Pro: Always a popular addition at any event.

Con: Limited number of guests entertained at any time with close up magic.

Want a Professional?

  • Chris Peskett Magician: Wow your guests with close up magic, and keep them guessing how it works all night long.

Live Bands are a great wedding entertainment idea

Wedding Live Bands

Cost: Hiring a live wedding band will generally cost from £600 to £2,000, but more in demand and elaborate performers can cost more.

Fun Factor?????

Live music is becoming an extremely popular addition to wedding reception entertainment. They engage the audience, and are available in every genre. Most live bands are combined with a DJ in between sets to ensure you have a good mixture of your favourite music.

Pro: Ensures your guests get out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.

Con: Can be much more expensive compared to a DJ.

Want a Professional?

  • Earcandy: Offering a large selection of performers, Earcandy are a great choice for wedding bands and live entertainment.

Wedding Bouncy Castle Hire

Cost: Prices for bouncy castle hire generally ranges from £80 to £200.

Fun Factor???

You may think that a bouncy castle is an odd choice on our list of wedding entertainment ideas, but they are growing in popularity. They work best at reception venues that have ample outside space, such as a farm or country manor. There are a number of specialist wedding bouncy castles now available, perfect for guests of all ages.

Pro: Particularly popular with younger guests.

Con: Can be weather dependent, and best suited to the warmer months.

Want a Professional?

  • Mr Bouncy Castle: Providing amazing wedding bouncy castles in stunning white, suitable for adults and children.

Hire a Toastmaster for your wedding

Wedding Toastmaster

Cost: Wedding toastmasters typically cost from £300 to £600.

Fun Factor??

Having a toastmaster at your wedding is a great way of keeping order. They will ensure that your guests know where to be and when, whilst also providing entertainment and introductions. A toastmaster is a great way of adding something special to your wedding day.

Pro: Helps keep order during your wedding.

Con: Not always suitable for every wedding type, such as a small wedding.

Want a Professional?

  • Warble Entertainment: Warble have a large number of professional wedding toastmasters available for hire throughout the UK.

Dancer Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Professional Dancers

Cost: Hiring professional dances will cost from £150 to £600.

Fun Factor????

Professional dancers are available for every genre, from slow paced romantic ballroom dancing to high-energy break dance performances. Some dancers will get your guests involved and dancing, ensuring they are up and enjoying your wedding reception.

Pro: Wide choice of dancers available to suit all tastes.

Con: Will require sufficient space for the dancers and guests to watch.

Want a Professional?

  • Contraband Events: Wide selection of fun professional dancers, including Bollywood, African, Irish and Flamenco dancers.

Wedding Circus Performer Hire

Circus Performers

Cost: Typcially, circus performances will cost from £300 to £1,000+.

Fun Factor????

Circus styled performances are one of the more unique wedding entertainment ideas available. The variety of shows and performances available is extensive, and the acts are designed to wow your guests. If you want something a little different for your reception, hiring circus performers is a good option.

Pro: Specialist performances to appeal to all ages.

Con: Can require large set up areas and high ceilings.

Want a Professional?

  • Sternberg Clarke: Entertainers covering numerous different genres, including a range of circus performers.

Silent Disco Hire for Weddings

Silent Disco

Cost: The cost of silent disco hire depends on the number of headphones required. For 100 headphones, the price will be around £200.

Fun Factor???

Silent discos are growing in popularity at weddings in the UK. They are ideal for venues that have strict noise policies, as the sound is delivered directly to your guests ears. They also enable other guests to comfortably talk and catch up, without having to speak over loud speakers.

Pro: Ideal for venues with sound limiters.

Con: Some guests may not want to wear the headphones throughout your reception.

Want a Professional?

Mechanical Bull Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire

Cost: Rodeo bull hire costs £150 to £250 for a hire period of 2 – 3 hours.

Fun Factor????

If you are looking for unusual wedding entertainment ideas, hiring a mechanical rodeo bull may be the perfect solution. They are relatively cheap to hire, with prices from as little as £150, and will keep your guests lining up all night long. There are different settings available, ensuring they are suitable for guests of all skill level.

Pro: Is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Con: May not always be suitable due to wedding attire.

Want a Professional?

  • Funday: Ranges of bucking bronco options available, including a camel and child rides.

Wedding Fire Jugglers

Fire Performers

Cost: Hiring a fire performer will likely cost from £150 to £400.

Fun Factor???

If you want to brighten your wedding reception, why not consider hiring professional fire performers. Fire jugglers and performances are ideal for once the sun is set, and you want a high energy and exhilarating experience for your guests. It is important to check with your venue before hiring fire performers.

Pro: A great way to entertain wedding reception guests after the sun has set.

Con: Some venues won’t permit the use of fire jugglers.

Want a Professional?

Vodka Luge and Wedding Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculptures + Vodka Luges

Cost: Vodka luges cost between £150 to £300, with higher prices for bespoke designs.

Fun Factor??

Ice sculptures and vodka luges can be an impressive centre piece for your wedding reception. They ice will last for several hours, and there are several fun designs to choose from. You can even have a custom design created, but prices for bespoke sculptures are higher.

Pro: Striking centre piece and great for photos.

Con: Alcohol luges are only suitable for adult guests.

Want a Professional?

  • Vodka Luge: Choose from a range of budget friendly vodka luge designs, or have a bespoke wedding ice sculpture made to celebrate your special day.

Tarot Readers for Weddings

Psychic Hire & Tarot Readings

Cost: Hiring a psychic or tarot reader for your wedding will cost from £200.

Fun Factor???

Tarot readers and psychics can be a lot of fun. These services are guaranteed to get your guests talking and discussing their own experience and results. Even non-believers can have some fun and try out test the talented psychics and tarot readers skills.

Pro: Guaranteed to give your guests something to talk about.

Con: Not always well received by some guests.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Firework Hire


Cost: Wedding firework displays start from £500, with longer shows costing £3,000.

Fun Factor????

If your venue has the space and permits fireworks, a display can be the perfect finish to your wedding day. They They aren’t the cheapest wedding entertainment idea, but they are sure to leave a lasting memory. They also make for some amazing photos, so consider keeping your photographer on. For the best results, you will want a clear and dry day to watch your wedding fireworks display.

Pro: A great way to finish off your wedding day.

Con: Expensive, especially for longer firework displays.

Want a Professional?

Hire Living Statue for Weddings and Events

Living Statues

Cost: Human statue hire typically starts from approximately £200.

Fun Factor?

Human statues are a great way of adding some extra theming to your wedding reception. Whilst not one of the most commonly used wedding entertainment ideas available, human statues can be fun for your guests to pose with, and are sure to enhance a themed wedding.

Pro: Wide choice available, making them great for themed weddings.

Con: Not suitable at all wedding receptions.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Belly Dancing Hire

Belly Dancers

Cost: Hiring belly dancers typically costs from £160 to £300.

Fun Factor???

You may think belly dancing is an odd form of wedding reception entertainment, but talented professional belly dancers can captivate an audience and provide an amazing show for your guests. They can be hired on their own, or with multiple other dancers to increase the coverage.

Pro: Captivating dancers and an unusual wedding entertainment idea.

Con: Performances typically only last 20 minutes or less, so is best used as an add-on wedding entertainment.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

Magic Mirror Photo Booths

Cost: Magic mirror photo booth hire costs between £280 to £450.

Fun Factor????

Whilst not as popular as traditional photo booths, mirror booths are a great option when space is limited. Your guests will enjoy taking some fun photos with silly props, and they will then stick in a copy of their prints in to your guest book, whilst also receiving a copy to take home themselves.

Pro: Photo booths are almost a wedding staple nowadays, and are a great way of extending your photography coverage.

Con: Shy guests are less likely to use an open mirror booth compared with a traditional enclosed booth.

Want a Professional?

  • Extensive list of local professional magic mirror and photo booth hire professionals.

Professional Drummers for Weddings

Drum Performers

Cost: Drum performances start from as little as £100, but can cost several hundred pounds.

Fun Factor????

Want to make an unforgettable entrance as you enter your wedding reception, or simply looking for a high energy activity to kick off your party – drummers could be the answer. Performance drummers know how to deliver a great show, and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Pro: Fun and great way to kick off your wedding celebration.

Con: They can be loud, so be mindful of any noise restrictions.

Want a Professional?

  • Drummers Delight: Professional drummers that are guaranteed to get your guests up and on the dance floor.

Professional Wedding Face Painters

Face Painting

Cost: Professional face painters typically charge between £100 to £200 per session.

Fun Factor???

Face painting is no longer reserved just for younger guests, with amazing looking results making wedding face paint a popular choice for guests of all ages. Choose from a wide selection of different designs, or perhaps opt for something bespoke and let the professionals work their magic.

Pro: A great way of adding some more colour to your wedding.

Con: Can get messy.

Want a Professional?

  • The Glitterbox: Offer a unique walkabout face painting service that brings face painters to your guests.

Sweet cart hire for weddings

Sweet Cart

Cost: Candy carts start from as little as £130, including a selection of your favourite sweets.

Fun Factor???

One of the most popular reception entertainment ideas, sweet carts are common place at a large majority of weddings throughout the UK. Guest can grab a paper bag and a selection of their preferred sweets to enjoy throughout your reception. You can hire a professional candy cart, but they are also quite a popular DIY project.

Pro: You can choose your favourite sweeties for everyone to enjoy.

Con: Not the healthiest of the available wedding entertainment ideas.

Want a Professional?

  • Oh So Delicious: Luxury candy cart supplier based in Cambridgeshire with a wide selection of sweets available.

Food Truck Hire for Weddings

Food Van

Cost: Prices vary depending on the type of food truck your hire, and the number of serving you will require.

Fun Factor??

Your guests will be hungry, so why not make eating part of the experience with a food truck. Food vans are available in almost any cuisine you can think of, from fish and chips to pizza, and you can also hire an ice cream truck to take care of dessert. As the food is prepared outside, it is important the truck has somewhere to park.

Pro: Wide selection of food choices available.

Con: Guests will need to go outside to get the food, which isn’t ideal in bad weather.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Cocktail Makers

Cocktail Makers

Cost: Cocktail makers and masterclasses start from approximately £600.

Fun Factor???

Cocktails are a fun addition to any event. With a professional cocktail maker or masterclass, your guests can choose their favourite spirits and mixers and create delicious bespoke drinks. With a wide choice of alcohol-free drinks available, cocktail bars are suitable for all ages, and even the designated drivers.

Pro: Suitable for all guests, including non-drinkers.

Con: Can be far more expensive compared to a traditional bar.

Want a Professional?

  • Mix & Twist: Celebrate your wedding day with some extra flair courtesy of amazing cocktails.

Wedding Popcorn Machine Hire

Popcorn Machine Hire

Cost: Popcorn machines are cheap to hire, with prices typically ranging from £50 to £100.

Fun Factor??

Hiring a popcorn machine for your wedding will not only provide some entertainment for your guests, but it will also provide a convenient and tasty snack if anyone gets hungry after the main food has finished. They are very cheap to hire, which makes them a popular wedding add-on.

Pro: Cheap, and a good late night snack.

Con: Difficult to decide on the flavour your guests will want – salty or sweet?

Want a Professional?

  • Sunshine Events: Popcorn served in a traditional cart, as well as a range other entertainment hire options.

Hire a Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Cost: Petting zoos typically charge from £250 to £500.

Fun Factor????

If your wedding venue has available outside space, you may be interested in a petting zoo. Petting zoos are a great way of entertaining children, but adults will certainly enjoy it too. The animals available range from farm animals to armadillos, hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

Pro: Extremely popular with younger guests.

Con: Need space to set up the animal pens.

Want a Professional?

  • Kimmys Mobile Zoo: Offer a selection of animals, including skunks, armadillos and much more.

Wedding Ice Cream Hire

Ice Cream Van Hire

Cost: Prices depend on the number of ice creams required.

Fun Factor???

Similar to the food truck vans mentioned above, ice cream trucks can be hired out for your wedding. They are a great way of taking care of your desert, and are typically also very affordable. They are particularly popular throughout the warmer summer months.

Pro: Cheap and fun wedding entertainment idea that is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Con: Rainy and cold weather may make ice cream less desirable.

Want a Professional?

Professional Wedding Video Booths

Video Booth Hire

Cost: Video photo booths start from as little as £200.

Fun Factor??

Video photo booths work in a similar way to traditional photo booths, but instead of photos and prints, you will receive a collection of short video messages recorded by your guests. However, unlike a photo booth, you won’t always receive prints and a guest book.

Pro: A great for your guests to leave you a short message.

Con: Most traditional photo booths also have a video option, and can also get prints.

Want a Professional?

Caricaturist Hire for Weddings

Wedding Caricaturist Hire

Cost: Caricaturist prices are typically within £200 to £350, but can cost more for longer hire coverage.

Fun Factor???

If you want something unique and special that your guests can take away from your wedding day, why not consider a caricaturist? A regular feature on any wedding entertainment ideas list, caricatures are a great way to keep your guests entertained, and they will be able to compare each others drawings.

Pro: A great take home gift for your guests.

Con: Ensure you hire enough time for everyone to have a turn.

Want a Professional?

After Party Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding After Party

Cost: Depending on what you plan, an after party for your guests doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Fun Factor????

Even if you are ready to retire from your wedding reception, your guests may want to continue dancing. Wedding after parties are increasing in popularity, and will ensure the celebration continues into the night. An after party can be as simple as organising a pub, club or venue for your guests to go once your reception venue closes.

Pro: Let your guests continue their night and celebrate your wedding day all night long.

Con: Not suitable for children.

Want a Professional?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specialist after party organisers. Your wedding organiser can assist, or alternatively, they are easy to DIY. Simply get in touch with a few local venues to see if they would accept some of your guests coming post-wedding. For remote reception venues, you may want to consider hiring a bus to transport guests to a more major town or city for the after party.

Wedding Hot Tub Hire in the UK

Hot Tub Hire

Cost: Hot tub hire costs £150 to £250 per tub.

Fun Factor????

Yes, you can actually hire hot tubs for your wedding! Depending on the number of guests you have, you may need several hot tubs to ensure there is enough room for everyone to have a dip. Hot tubs are a lot of fun, and your guests will enjoy kicking off their shoes and relaxing in a tub.

Pro: A very unique way of entertaining your guests.

Con: Does require space and swimmers.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Arcade Game Hire

Arcade Game Hire

Cost: Arcade game hire normally starts at approximately £350.

Fun Factor???

If you love arcade games, retro or new, why not hire some for your wedding reception? The list of games available is extensive, from retro Pacman to the latest Formula 1 styled reaction tests. Your guests will enjoy competing for the highest scores and battling it out on the multiplayer’s.

Pro: A lot of fun and suitable for guests of all ages.

Con: Ensure you hire enough games to prevent long queues.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Reptile Encounters

Reptile Encounters

Cost: Reptile encounters normally start from approximately £100 per hour.

Fun Factor???

If you want unusual wedding entertainment ideas, a reptile encounter may be for you. Your younger guests are sure to love getting to see, touch and even hold a selection of reptiles, including lizards and snakes. Reptile encounters will certainly leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Pro: Fun and unique wedding entertainment.

Con: Some guests may not be big fans of the reptiles.

Want a Professional?

Wedding Lollipop Making

Candy (Lollipop) Making

Cost: Lollipop making starts from as little as £30 per person.

Fun Factor????

Candy making classes are a lot of fun, and are suitable for guests of all ages. Not only will your guests get to take away the candy they have hand made, but they will also gain an understanding of how lollipops and other confectionery is made. They can customise their candy with colours and other additions to create a unique finished product.

Pro: Fun way of taking care of your wedding favours.

Con: Can get sticky!

Want a Professional?

  • Spun Candy: Enjoy making fun candy and confectionery with a lollipop masterclass.

Wedding Theme Entertainment

Themed Weddings

Cost: Themed weddings can cost anywhere from £50 to several thousand.

Fun Factor??

Having a themed wedding is a great way to entertain your guests. When it comes to choosing a theme, the sky is the limit. Props and accessories to enhance your theme can be purchased from numerous places, if you are a keen DIY’er. You can also hire in some professional wedding theme suppliers, who will take care of everything for you.

Pro: Great DIY project, or hire in some professionals.

Con: Can be a big task, and prices can quickly increase.

Want a Professional?

Owl, Hawk and Eagle Shows for Wedding Entertainment

Birds of Prey Demonstration

Cost: Falconry shows and visits typically cost from £200 to £400.

Fun Factor????

Falconry and birds of prey performances can be an exciting form of entertainment for your guests. Your guests will be able to get up close with the birds, and take photos. They will also see a range of photo owls, eagles and hawks that they wouldn’t ordinarily see flying around in the UK.

Pro: Suitable for guests of all ages.

Con: Requires outdoor space.

Want a Professional?

Destination Wedding Entertainment

Destination Weddings

Cost: Prices vary depending on destination, but start from as little as £200 per person.

Fun Factor????

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small weddings. Travel continues to become more affordable, and many hotels are able to take care of the wedding planning on your behalf. Destination weddings don’t have to be as expensive as you may think, with many guests willing to contribute to their own travel expenses.

Pro: Ideal for couples who love to travel.

Con: Expensive.

Want a Professional?

Treasure Hunt for Wedding

Treasure Hunt

Cost: Professional treasure hunts cost approximately £350, but you can organise your own for much less.

Fun Factor???

A treasure hunt is an unusual way to keep your wedding guests entertained. The hunt can be as complicated or simple as you prefer, and you can also call in professionals to organise the treasure hunt for you. You can reward those who get involved with small prizes.

Pro: Easy and affordable options available.

Con: Can be time consuming.

Want a Professional?

Fun Children's Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Professional Children Entertainers

Cost: Children’s entertainers normally cost from £200, with higher fees for a longer hire duration.

Fun Factor?????

If your wedding will involve children, you may want to consider hiring a professional children’s entertainer to keep the youngsters occupied. Not only will a children’s entertainer keep your young guests having a blast, but it will allow their parents to relax and enjoy your wedding, knowing their little ones are in safe hands.

Pro: Allows both parents and children to thoroughly enjoy your wedding.

Con: Often requires a separate room for the activities.

Want a Professional?

  • Sharky & George: Keep your younger guests entertained throughout your wedding with professional wedding children’s entertainers.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

We hope you enjoyed you enjoyed our list of fun and unique wedding entertainment ideas. Now it is time to start choosing your favourite ideas for your big day.

Top Tip: Remember, it is always important to consider your budget before booking any wedding suppliers. To ensure you don’t run out of cash, order your wedding entertainment from most to least wanted, and start by booking your must haves.

Did we miss something?

If you think we have missed a fun activity, or want to suggest a great UK supplier to add to the page, let us know.

Ready to start planning your big day?

If you didn’t find a useful local supplier from our list above, why not check out Add to Event for all of your wedding needs.


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