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Look After My Bills is the nations leading energy switching provider. In this comprehensive Look After My Bills review, we will explore everything you need to know to help decide if it the right choice for you.

Review of Look After My Bills

Look After My Bills (or LAMB for short) is an energy switching service. As their name suggests, they take the hassle and stress out of finding the best prices on your energy bills. Say goodbye to spending hours searching through different plans and providers – LAMB does it all for you!


Founded in 2018, they have quickly become the largest and most trusted auto-switching provider in the UK. Look After My Bills is now part of the GoCompare group, so you are in safe hands. They were also one of the hottest companies to have ever appeared on Dragons Den, with all 5 Dragons wanting to invest.


In our Look After My Bills review, we will explore some of the features, pros, cons and costs to help you understand how automatic energy switching works.


Review of Look After My Bills

How does Look After My Bills work?

Signing up to Look After My Bills only takes a few moments. You will need to enter a few details, such as your address, email and current tariff information, which can be easily found on your latest energy bill. You can then authorise the site to monitor and switch you onto the best deal automatically.


There are lots of options to ensure you receive the ideal energy tariff for your preferences. You can choose between single or dual-fuel, depending on the supply available at your home. A great feature is the option to only use 100% renewable electricity plans. 


Once you have entered all of your details and preferences, the LAMB algorithm will get to work on finding you the cheapest energy deal. You will then be switched to a new provider, if a deal is found that can save you at least £50. 


Look After My Bills will get everything set up with your new energy supplier and will let your old supplier know about the switch. You will need to submit a meter reading to your current suppliers so they can provide a final bill.


Look After My Bills is a free energy switching service, but you will need to provide your Direct Debit details. This information is not used for LAMB, but instead is used to set up the billing account with your new energy provider.

Automatic Energy Switching

Once you have completed your first switch, Look After My Bills will automate your future switching. When your first deal expires, or a cheaper energy plan becomes available, LAMB will automatically switch you. You will only be switched if to a plan that will save you £50 or more.


This automation takes the hassle out of remembering when your discounted energy deal is coming to an end, and will prevent your energy supplier from sneakily placing you on more expensive standard energy tariffs. You won’t have to re-enter all of your tariff, address, billing and preference details as the system automatically provides this to your new supplier.


When the website finds a new deal and the switch begins, you will have a 14-day cooling off period. During this time, you can cancel the switch. Simply let the energy provider and LAMB know.


Look After My Bills Review UK

What utilities does LAMB compare & Switch?

LAMB is available for single and dual-fuel tariffs. The website compares prices of both electricity and gas tariffs. Depending on your preferences and the mains supply at your property, Look After My Bills will automatically find the best deals for you.

How much can I save?

There are a number of factors that will influence the amount of money you can save using Look After My Bills. The initial switch from your current energy plan to a cheaper deal can potentially save you hundreds of pounds annually.


After your initial switch has been completed, LAMB will continue to monitor the energy market for great deals that could save you money. The type of fuel you have at your property will also influence your savings, as dual fuel switches generally return better savings compared with single fuel switching.


As a guide, the minimum amount you will save switching with Look After My Bills is £50 for dual fuel, £25 for an electricity only switch or £15 for prepayment meters.


Before your first switch, you will be provided with a quote that estimates the potential energy savings you will initially receive. You can receive your savings estimate here.

What are the costs?

One of the leading benefits of Look After My Bills is that it is completely free! There are no costs at all to use the service, and it will continue to remain free forever. As the service is free for consumers, almost every household in the UK can benefit from cheaper energy bills with LAMB. 

How does Look After My Bills make money?

As the energy switching service is free for consumers, you may wonder how Look After My Bills is able to make money. LAMB receives a commission from the energy provider every time a consumer switches.


Whilst LAMB does receive a commission, consumers are only switched to a new supplier when a cheaper deal becomes available, ensuring the service continues to operate in the best interest for consumers.

Pros + Cons

As part of our review of Look After My Bills, we have included a quick overview of the pros and cons. These should help you decide whether LAMB is the best energy switching service for you.



Energy Switching Service

Is Look After My Bills Trustworthy?

When using an energy switching service, it is important to use a provider you can trust. There are a number of reasons why Look After My Bills is the most trusted automatic energy switching provider in the UK.

Dragons Den

The co-founders pitched the Look After My Bills service on Dragons Den in 2018. It attracted the attention of all five Dragons, all of whom wanted to invest.


At the time, Look After My Bills received the best deal to have ever been made on the show. The company not only received financial backing, but also guidance from some of the UK’s leading business minds.


Look After My Bills is now owned by the GoCompare Group, which not only runs the hugely popular GoCompare.com website, but also another energy switching service called WeFlip.


GoCompare are one of the leading and longest established providers of comparison services, operating in a number of fields including insurance, loans, broadband and more.

Look After My Bills Reviews

As well as our review of Look After My Bills, there are a number of other places where you can read about the experience of real customers. Both Facebook and Trustpilot are a reliable source for Look After My Bills reviews and feedback.

Energy Switching Alternatives

There are a few different alternatives to LAMB. These other energy switching services operate slightly differently, but they all have the primary goal of helping consumers find the cheapest energy deals.


Generally, automated energy switching companies will only switch you to a new energy plan if it will save you £50 or more. This helps to ensure you always receive a great deal on your energy.


Some of the leading alternative energy switching providers include WeFlip, Flipper and Switchd.

Paid VS Free Switching

Look After My Bills is a free service, and they have a commitment to always remain free. They work with energy providers who pay a commission when someone switches to them, which allows the service to remain free.


There are also paid energy switching services available in the UK. These services charge a fee, normally monthly, and may also receive a commission from an energy provider when a consumer switches using the service. However, many of these paid switching services  compare a larger selection of energy providers, not just providers who pay a commission.


In some cases, paid switching services can find you a cheaper deal, but this is not always the case. It is also important to note that the monthly cost of paid switching services can counteract any potential savings.

MSE Cheap Energy Club

Whilst not exactly an automatic energy switching provider, the Money Saving Expert’s Cheap Energy Club is a popular resource to help consumers find great deals on their utilities. 


This service does not automatically switch your energy, but instead you receive an email alert when a plan is found that can save you money. MSE receives a commission for many of the suppliers it it promotes, and consumers can sometimes receive up to £25 cashback with selected energy companies.



Will I benefit from energy switching?

In our busy modern world, many households simply don’t have the spare time to compare energy providers for the best deals. Many energy providers have multiple pricing plans, and then there are further options, such as variable or fixed tariffs.


An energy switching service takes the hassle out of switching. They seamlessly move you over to better deals without you having to lift a finger. All your details are securely carried across to your new provider, and there is no interruption to your utility services.


Energy switching services harness the power of modern technology to save consumers time and money.

Is LAMB the best Energy Switching Service?

As our Look After My Bills review has explained, it is a fantastic service that not only makes finding the best energy deals for your home easy, but it also takes care of the entire switch as well. Almost every home in the UK can benefit from an automatic energy switching service.


Of the automatic energy switching companies available in the UK, Look After My Bills has established itself as one of the leaders. They have the most experience and are trusted by more than any other provider. 


The switching service is completely free, and it only takes a few moments to set everything up. If you decide LAMB isn’t right for your home, you can opt-out of the service at any time.

Our Favourite Features

Find the Best Energy Deals with LAMB

100% Free

LAMB is completely free, and will never charge you for their switching service.

Save Money with the Best Energy Switching Service in the UK

Save Money + Time

Look After My Bills makes it easy to find the best energy deals without lifting a finger.

Benefits of Look After My Bills

Trusted & Experienced

The most trusted and used energy switching service in the United Kingdom.

How do I sign up?

If you found our Look After My Bills review useful and want to sign up, it only takes 30 seconds to find a cheaper deal.


Head over to Look After My Bills and enter your email address and postcode. You can then select your preferences, such as dual or single fuel. You will then receive a personalised estimate of how much you can save by switching to a new energy provider.


When you are ready to begin, make sure you have the following details ready:

 – Email Address

 – Home Address

 – Latest Energy Bill

 – Direct Debit Details


Then head to www.lookaftermybills.com


Below are some frequently asked questions, which may help you decide whether Look After My Bills is the right energy switching solution for your home.

The average time to switch energy supplier takes approximately 21 days. However, the switching times can vary between different suppliers, with some carrying out the switch faster, whilst others are slower.

Yes! You just need to make sure you tick the ‘Prepayment meter’ box during the sign up process to ensure your account is correctly set up.

Yes! You just need to make sure you tick the ‘economy 7’ box during the sign up process to ensure your account is correctly set up.

With Look After My Bills you remain in control to opt-out or cancel services. You can cancel the Look After My Bills service at any time. Cancelling only takes a quick email, and it does not cancel your energy deal.


You can also cancel an energy switch, but this must be done during the initial 14-day cooling off period at the start of each new switch. However, as Look After My Bills will only switch you onto a cheaper energy plan, it is unlikely most consumers would want to cancel.

No, there is no need to cancel. Once the switch process begins, the cancellation with your old supplier is taken care of automatically. 

Yes, you will receive a final bill from your current supplier within 6 weeks of making a switch. If you are in credit, the money will be returned to you. If you are in debit, you will need to pay off the remaining balance.


If you are in debt with your current supplier, you will need to negotiate a repayment plan with your current supplier first.

Yes, you can have multiple properties in the same account. Simply sign up your first property, then let the customer service team know and they can add any additional properties.

Unfortunately, Look After My Bills is currently only available for residential properties.

Getting in touch with the customer service team at Look After My Bills is available via email and phone between 9am to 5pm on Monday through Friday.

Phone: 020 3950 1166

Email: [email protected]


There is also a contact form available here.


Social media can also be a convenient and fast way to contact support. Below are the social media channels for Look After My Bills.


Facebook | Twitter


If you have any problems with your energy provider, you can contact them directly. You can also seek advice from the Energy Ombudsman.

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