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Conservatory Prices - Conservatories Cost Guide (and Money Saving Tips)
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Conservatory Prices

Conservatory Prices

The average cost of a conservatory in the UK is between £5,000 to £15,000, but there are many factors that influence conservatory prices. In this guide, we will explore the cost of conservatories in more depth, highlight some easy money saving tips and there is also a useful conservatory installation cost calculator.

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Conservatory Price Guide

A new conservatory installation can add value to your home and vastly improve your living space, but there is a lot of mis-information regarding the cost of conservatories. Below we will explain conservatory prices based on a number of factors, including size, type, materials used and even location within the UK.

We also have a useful conservatory installation price calculator, with accurate pricing from local installers, and loads of easy money saving tips that are sure to help you save on your installation.

Conservatory Prices in the UK

Compare Conservatory Prices

Are you looking to install a new conservatory, or improve your current one? We can help you find a great deal by comparing prices of local conservatory specialists. To find out how much conservatories cost in your area, simply use the price calculator below.

Did you know…

By comparing prices or requesting a quote, you help us raise £7.5 for an amazing charity. There is no cost to you, and there is no obligation to proceed. So, what are you waiting for? Find out how much a conservatory costs in your area.

Cost of Conservatory Installation

Conservatories are a popular home improvement in the UK, but exactly how much do they cost? To understand the cost of installing a conservatory, we need to first look at the common pricing components.

Below are the main factors that can increase or decrease conservatory prices:

  • Type – conservatories are available in a number of different designs, and the type you choose will influence the installation cost. Some common types of conservatory include lean-to, Victorian and P-shaped. Simpler types are cheaper than more complex designs. For example, a lean-to conservatory costs less than a Victorian design.
  • Materials – a conservatory can be constructed from a number of different materials. Firstly you will need to choose the primary material (such as UPVC, wood or aluminium). Then you will choose between double or triple glazed glass. The materials chosen can greatly impact the final price.
  • Size – the size of your conservatory will be another major factor in the price. Larger conservatories require more materials and take longer to install, so the price will be higher. However, smaller conservatories cost less as they require fewer materials and there is also reduced labour costs.
  • Location – as with almost all home improvements, the cost of installation is likely to differ in different parts of the UK. Generally, the most expensive prices are found in London and the South of England. Areas that lack local installers will also result in higher installation costs.
  • Preparation – it is important to consider any preparation work that will be required as part of your conservatory installation. For example, will a new conservatory base need to be laid, or will an old conservatory need to be removed first?

Conservatory Prices UK

The cost of conservatory supply and installation normally ranges from £5,000 to £15,000. For larger, bespoke and deluxe conservatory designs, the price can be even higher. If you are want to do a DIY conservatory install, prices start from as little as £2,000.

Below we have a useful table highlighting the different 3×3 conservatory prices based on type. These conservatory prices are only a guide, and we recommend using our Installation Cost Calculator tool above for accurate pricing.

Job DescriptionCost (estimate)
3m x 3m Lean-to Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£5,500 - £7,500
3m x 3m Victorian Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£8,000 - £10,000
3m x 3m Edwardian Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£6,500 - £8,000
3m x 3m Gable Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£9,000 - £11,000
3m x 3m P-Shape Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£9,500 - £11,500
3m x 3m T-Shape Conservatory (uPVC & Glass Roof)£9,000 - £12,000

Check Conservatory Prices from Local Suppliers & Fitters!

Cost of Different Conservatory Materials

Homeowners can select materials that best suit their home and preferences, and smart selections can also help keep costs down. In this section, we will explore the range of conservatory materials available, and the costs involved.

Main Conservatory Material

There are three popular materials that conservatories are made from – uPVC, aluminium and wood. The most commonly used is uPVC, but each material has there pros and cons.

uPVC Conservatory

How much do conservatories cost in the UK

Aluminium Conservatory

Aluminium Conservatory Installation Prices UK

Wooden Conservatory

Wooden Conservatories UK

As you can see from the table below, prices differ between uPVC, aluminium and wooden conservatories. The cheapest conservatory prices are found with uPVC. Aluminium conservatories are typically around 10% more expensive than uPVC, and wood conservatories can be significantly more.

Conservatory DescriptionCost (estimate)
uPVC Lean-to Conservatory (3m x 3m)£5,500 - £7,500
Aluminium Lean-to Conservatory (3m x 3m)£6,000 - £8,250
Wooden Lean-to Conservatory (3m x 3m)£7,500 - £15,000

uPVC Conservatory: Not only is uPVC strong, durable and easy to clean, but it is also cheap to manufacture. As such, it is the most popular choice for new conservatory installations in the UK. It is available in a range of different colours, including white, brown and black. A uPVC conservatory will typically have a long warranty of at least 10-15 years, which is a testament to its durability and suitability for conservatory construction.

Aluminium Conservatory: Similar to uPVC, aluminium conservatories are available in a range of different colours and designs. The metal is pre-fabricated, making assembly fast and convenient. There are numerous colour options, and the strength of aluminium makes it a great choice for full height glass walls. These conservatories cost more than uPVC, with supply and install prices typically around 10% higher.

Wooden Conservatory: Conservatories made from wood are normally created with either beech, elm, oak or engineered timber. They provide an elegant and deluxe finished product, and are often a bespoke design created for the homeowners needs. They are more expensive than the other conservatory options, and also require more ongoing maintenance to prevent root, bugs and keep fight weathering.

Check Conservatory Prices from Local Suppliers & Fitters!

Conservatory Glass – Double or Triple Glazed

Most conservatories are installed with double glazed window and roof panels, however you can often upgrade to triple glazed glass. It is important to choose the right glazing options for your needs, especially as many conservatory installers are now encouraging the use of tripled glazing.

Job DescriptionCost (estimate)
Double Glazed Lean-to Conservatory (3m x 3m)£5,500 - £7,500
Triple Glazed Lean-to Conservatory (3m x 3m)£7,000 - £10,000
  • Costs: One of the best known differences between these glazing options is the cost, with triple glazed windows costing more. Conservatory prices can increase by as much as 25% when upgrading to triple glazing, which can add several thousand pounds to your project. However, it is important to consider the potential long term savings and benefits.
  • Better Insulation: Triple glazing provides superior insulation, which reduces your electricity costs and also keeps your conservatory at a stable temperature. Triple glazing makes it easier to keep your conservatory cool over summer and warm in winter. An added bonus of the insulation effect is noise reduction.
  • Improved Security: It may not be the first thing to come to mind when considering conservatory glazing, but tripled glazed windows provide the highest level of security.

Cost of Conservatory Roof

Conservatory roofs can be made out of a number of different materials, including glass, tiles and polycarbonate. The cheapest option is polycarbonate, but many homeowners are opting for the tiled conservatory roofs nowadays.

Solid Roof Conservatory Prices

Polycarbonate is clear plastic material, which allows plenty of light to fill your conservatory. Whilst it is the cheapest option, it does not provide the same level of insulation as the other conservatory roof options. As s result, the conservatory can be unbearably hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Double or tripled glazed glass conservatory roofs cost more than polycarbonate, but provide far better heat retention and insulation for your conservatory. Glass conservatory roofs also provide better security for your home, they don’t discolour or scratch and the lifespan is much longer than plastic roofs.

Tiled or solid conservatory roofs are one of the most popular choices, mostly due to the increased usability throughout the year. A tiled conservatory roof costs more than glass & polycarbonate, however for most home owners it is a smart investment. Not only do tiled conservatories have improved insulation, but they can also add value to your home and are an attractive addition for home owners.

Lantern conservatory roofs are a hybrid between glass and solid roofs. They are most commonly found on orangery-style conservatories, and are very aesthetically pleasing. They feature a glass centre, but have solid roof edging. Lantern roofs can often be customised to suite your preferences, and regularly feature a chandelier centre piece.

Conservatory Lantern Roof Conversion or Installation Costs

Find out more about conservatory roofs or use our roof replacement cost calculator.

Conservatory Base

Whilst the shape of the base will typically reflect the type of conservatory you choose, there are a few options to choose from. The two main options are a flat base or a dwarf wall base.

  • Flat conservatory bases are as they sound – flat. They are designed for use with full-height glass window panels, and are the cheapest conservatory base to build.
  • Dwarf wall conservatory bases have a small wall (typically less than 1m) that runs along the perimeter of the base. They wall is normally constructed from brick.

Flat Conservatory Base

Flat Conservatory Base Installation Cost

Dwarf Wall Conservatory Base

Dwarf Wall Conservatory Prices

For a small conservatory (3m x 3m), the conservatory base will cost approximately £800 to £1,200 for a standard base, or £1,800 to £2,500 for a conservatory base with a dwarf wall.

To install, flat conservatory bases for full-height windows will cost less than dwarf-wall bases. However, fewer glazed glass panels are required when using a dwarf wall, so the finished conservatory prices for the two options can be similar. In most cases, dwarf wall conservatories will cost from around £500 more.

If you are replacing rather than installing new, you can keep your conservatory installation prices low by reusing your current base. In most cases, you will need to use the same type and size conservatory to ensure it fits on your current base.

Looking for Local Conservatory Suppliers & Fitters?

Other Conservatory Pricing Considerations

When working out conservatory prices for your property, it is important to consider any additional options and add-ons. Below are a few of the most popular additions for UK conservatories.

Air Conditioning

When the sun is shining over the warmer months, the glass panels of a conservatory can cause a greenhouse effect, making it extremely hot and uncomfortable. To ensure you are able to enjoy your new space over summer, an air conditioner can be installed to help regulate the temperature and keep it cool. Air conditioners for conservatories cost on average £1,600 to £2,500, but larger conservatories may require a more powerful and expensive unit.


Just as a conservatory can become too hot in summer, they can also become quite cold in the winter months. An easy solution is to install a radiator (or several). To keep your conservatory installation costs as low as possible, it is recommended to have the radiators installed at the same time as the conservatory is constructed, as installing once constructed is more expensive.

Conservatory Blinds

Another popular add-on are conservatory blinds. These blinds are specially designed for conservatories, and ensure that plenty of light is still able to pass through, but they reduce the glare and also help with temperature control. As well as window blinds, you can also have conservatory roof blinds installed. For a typical 3m x 3m conservatory, the cost of installing blinds on the windows will cost approximately £1,000 to £2,600. For blinds on the windows and roof, the price range will be £1,700 to £4,500.

DIY Conservatory Installation Prices

When looking at DIY conservatory prices, it is important to double check the inclusions, as they often don’t include the base. If you are replacing your current conservatory, you may not require a new base.

On average, a 3m x 3m DIY conservatory costs from £2,500 to £4,000, not including a base. A DIY base installation will cost from £400 to £2,500, depending on the type you choose, such as a flat base, steel durabase or dwarf wall.

Spreading Conservatory Costs with Finance

A great way of funding a new conservatory is with finance. This will allow your spread the cost over several years, whilst enjoying the benefits of your new conservatory right away. Most of the leading installers will offer finance, ensuring the cost of installing a conservatory is within your budget.

French Folding Doors

4 Panel Internal Bifold Door with Glass

Money Saving Tips

We love helping UK consumers save more on their purchases. To ensure you receive the cheapest supply and fit deals, we have put together some helpful tips and tricks.

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Compare Bifold Prices

One of the best ways to ensure you are receiving a great value for money internal bifold door installation is by comparing prices. With our bifold price estimator, it only takes a moment to fill in your requirements and work out the best deal for you.

[/ultimate_icon_list_item][ultimate_icon_list_item icon=”Defaults-check” icon_color=”#81d742″ content_font_size=”desktop:16px;” content_font_color=”#2d2d2d”]

Combine Home Improvements

Internal folding door installation is often undertaken as part of a larger home improvement project. If you are having other projects carried out, it will often be cheaper to use the same company to carry out the work as one larger project. However, this should be used for similar type projects, such as combining bifold fitting and knocking through a wall.

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Look for Sales

If you are looking to do a DIY bifold installation, you can save big by purchasing your internal bifolding doors during a sale. In some cases, savings can be more than 40% off the retail price. Have a look on the social media pages for UK bi fold suppliers.

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Promo & Discount Codes

Promo codes for internal bifold door installation, really? Yes, you may be surprised that many installers have promo codes and deals that can help you save on the cost of your fitting. We recommend you find local suppliers first, then check to see if they have any discount codes available.

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Ask for a Discount!

Getting a better deal on bifolding internal doors can be as easy as asking for a better price. This is an extremely easy, fast and simple money saving tip. And, it actually works more often than you might think. The home improvement industry is very competitive, and many suppliers and fitters will be willing to provide a further discount to secure your business.

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Concession Discounts

If you are an OAP, work in certain industries (army, NHS, etc.) or hold another concession, you may be able to receive a discounted rate from your bi fold fitter. Not every supplier will provide discounts, but quite a few smaller installers provide a discount to certain concession holders.[/ultimate_icon_list_item][/ultimate_icon_list]

Looking for Local Internal Bifold Door Suppliers & Fitters?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions our visitors regularly ask about conservatory installation and pricing.. Our answers below will hopefully help you, but if we have missed anything, please get in touch.

Installing a new conservatory, modifying your current conservatory or carrying out repairs will typically be considered a permitted development, which means you do not require planning permission. However, there are stricter rules for certain properties, such as those in conservation areas.

Whilst there used to be rules stating that conservatory roofs must have a certain level of transparency, this no longer applies to homes in England, and solid roofs are permitted without planning permission. There are also a number of rules that indicate the conservatory size permitted and where a conservatory can be installed.

If you have any questions or doubts about whether you require planning permission to install a conservatory, we recommend checking with your local council authority or the Planning Portal website.

Installing a new conservatory can be a great DIY project. There are a lot of pre-fabricated conservatories available, from both specialist suppliers and home improvement stores.

For some installation work, such as heating or electronics, it is recommended to use a qualified professional. Also, if you aren’t confident with DIY, you may want to use an installation company to complete all or part of the work.

There are plenty of great resources online to help with DIY conservatory installations, and most suppliers have useful resources available.

Asking questions is a great way to better understand potential installers. Below are a few questions that you can ask potential installers to gain a better understanding of their experience and services.

  1. How long have you been installing conservatories?
  2. Do you have any example photos of your previous work?
  3. Can you provide testimonials or references?
  4. Do you have public liability insurance?
  5. How long will the installation take?
  6. Do you supply everything needed for the project?
  7. Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?
  8. Does your pricing include VAT?
  9. Will you take away any rubbish?
  10. Do you provide any discounts of concessions?

Other Considerations

If your conservatory is installed by a professional company, they should provide warranty. The warranty of conservatories differs between installers and type. In most cases, a UPVC conservatory will have a longer warranty than conservatories made from wood.

Many conservatory installers provide a warranty of at least 10 years, with some warranties lasting as long as 25 years. A warranty will provide you with peace of mind that if anything was to go wrong with your conservatory, the issue will be promptly fixed.

Whilst there aren’t any specific qualifications that are required for a conservatory installation, it is a good idea to always ensure your chosen installer has public liability insurance. This is an insurance that will protect you and your home if something was to go wrong during the building.

You can request a copy of your builders PLI certificate, which they should be able to email or print for you.

We also have an in-depth guide about conservatory installation in the UK, which has plenty of tips and advice.

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