20% OFF SSL Certificates at Vidahost

20% OFF SSL Certificates at Vidahost
20% OFF SSL Certificates at Vidahost

Vidahost SSL Certificate Promo Code

With this exclusive promo code for Vidahost, you can save 20% off the cost of SSL certificates. To receive the saving, simply enter the discount code when checking out on Vidahost.com.

Promo Code: ASSISTALL10

Remember, Vidahost have their own terms and conditions regarding discounts which may be worth a read.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

The internet is becoming more advanced, and with new updates comes the need for stronger security. An SSL certificate ensures that your websites visitors are protected, by serving them information via a secure and encrypted connection.

Having an active SSL certificate is now considered that important that many web browsers now display a “Not Secure” warning for sites that do not have one. Many SEO experts also state that having an SSL certificate is important for search engine rankings.

Love Savings?

Of course you do, and we do to! The team at Assistall are passionate money saving experts, who work hard to find the best discounts for UK consumers. We find discounts and deals for all types of stores and services, from web hosting providers, such as Vidahost, to tips on saving on your home improvement needs. Read on to find out how your purchase at Vidahost can make a real difference in the world.

Did you know…

We love raising money for charities and great causes. Every time you use one of our discount codes or click through from our site to another, you help us raise money for amazing charities. Simply by using this Vidahost promo code and purchasing an SSL certificate, you can help raise several pounds, an if you also take up a web hosting plan, the total could be several hundred pounds.

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